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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Solstice . . .

Sparrow garden is filling out and looking more colourful by the day . . . 
now it's time for the Yarrow

and the Daisies 
and the Lilies to take over :-) 
We've also spotted butterflies and tons of bees in the garden which is wonderful!
Mama and Papa Dove have left  their nest, and we are happy to welcome two sweet baby doves  that have been cooing in our garden. It's always such a wonderful feeling when you see them safe and sound and enjoying our/their home. 

Now it's Robin's turn.  I've been keeping a watchful eye on her nest and yesterday the babies were big enough that I can spot their heads bopping up and down above the rim of the nest. Both Mama and Papa Robin have been busy flying in and out of the nest with food for their hungry, growing family. 

Our temperatures have been all over the place, from heat to rain to high winds, and today it feels like fall and I wore a jacket on my morning walk and afternoon bike ride. It felt more like September than June but I'm not complaining, I love the cooler temperatures.  I'm so happy that Robin has built her nest tucked in tightly under the eaves protecting it from the elements. 

cuteness overload!

We celebrated Summer Solstice yesterday a little differently than we normally do.
Traditionally I make tea sandwiches and little bite sized treats and we have our supper in the garden.
Yesterday it was cold, windy and raining on and off, so I made homemade pizza instead and we had it inside by candlelight ;-)
Rolling out the dough, I had a sweet surprise .... I really do see/ find hearts everywhere!!! 
I had to take a photo.

"One way of celebrating the Solstice 
is to consider it a sacred time of 




and renewal"

-Sarah Ban Breathnach-

~Happy Summer time~ 
d xo

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