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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

for my ears
listening to the birds singing which begins soon after I wake up.
Blue Jay's call tells me  he is ready for his snack :-D
There have been 4 Jays in the garden which is really exciting!
for my eyes
  The Garden Awakening by Mary Reynolds.
My daughter sent me a box of goodies from Indigo. This is the longest we've spent apart!
Inside was this wonderful book and other sweet treasures.
for my mouth
Freshly baked scones.
A mid morning pick me up with a hot cup of tea.
for my soul
My gorgeous hand crafted smudge set was a gift sent to me last year from my friends
Darren & Larry who have a company called 2 brothers 1 vision.
Their copper creations (amongst other things) are absolutely stunning.
I am filled with gratitude that they created this for me. 
for my feet
a walk in the rain.
Archer and I head out very early in the morning. 
Normally we would be walking through the woods or along the lake.
Grateful, that we are able to get out even if it is just walking the neighbourhood. 
for my hands
gave my indoor plants a little pampering this afternoon … 
each one got a little leaf washing and trim.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Serenity ...

God grant me the
to accept the things I cannot change
to change the things I can
and the
to know the difference
~ Serenity Prayer~

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

Something a little different for
Thankful {things I love} Thursday
some of the things I'm doing to bring a sense of calm to my day
for my ears * for my eyes* for my mouth* for my soul* for my feet* for my hands
for my ears
a little Jimi Hendrix
and dancing around the kitchen
 while corn bread and  a vegetarian cottage pie bakes

for my eyes
the beautiful swelling buds of trees in the garden
for my mouth
a lovely hot cup of tumeric tea
for my soul
meditation & holding mala beads
for my feet
beautiful leaves and grass after a rain in my garden
for my hands

Monday, April 13, 2020

art unfolding ...

There have been so many birds visiting the garden these past few weeks.
And since our days consist of spending so much time in the garden :-D lately,
I thought some garden journal keeping would be a positive way to set aside some time
just for this.
*Earth care is Self care*
A spot to jot down not only changes in the garden, but to make note of 
sunrise/sunset, the temperature, weather conditions, even the moon phase.
I'm painting on one side and journaling on the other
It all started with sweeping the Wiarton rock around our garden pond on the 7th.
As I was sweeping the fallen furry catkins from the pussy willow, I heard
the most gorgeous singing... back and forth between two birds.
I looked up to spot a pair of Northern Flickers.
Remembering I had a block of fresh suet, I headed inside and refilled the suet basket.
Within moments, the Flickers were there!
That day, not only did the Flickers visit, but Cowbirds arrived and then, later in the 
afternoon a Nuthatch was climbing up the branches of the lilac.
The next day, on the 8th  I was thrilled to spot 2 male and 1 female sparrow.
The sparrows haven't been in the numbers they once were and I know it is
due to the Owls and Hawks that we spot in the garden.
I added an additional feeder to the garden and surprisingly, this is the one that
the 3 sparrows gravitated too. It's on a shepherds crook next to the kitchen window which makes
seeing the sparrows up close wonderful!
Along with sparrows
Carolina wren was a welcomed visitor this day … I just love her quirky little upturned tail.
Windy day on the 9th.
I watched the feathers on the Red Cardinal blow as he watched his mate eating at the feeder
and then ground below.
The cedars were swaying sideways.
I've been giving Archer a good brush getting out the old Winter coat.
He is soft and shiny and his hair has been left in a spot in the garden for the birds.
Each time, it has been gone when I look again.
Huge surprise on the 10th 
As I was letting Archer outside, I noticed something fly past the kitchen windows and land on the fence. It was a gorgeous Red Tail Hawk. Which explained the Sparrow scenario! I recognized this Hawk as it has been in the garden before. It's quite small and awkwardly moves it's body. I've watched smaller birds fly right passed it's nose! They are normally so quick and precise.
 Thankfully, Matilda our garden chipmunk made a quick disappearance. I was happy to see both Matilda and the 3 sparrows return later that day... safe, sound and hungry!

I later looked up the spiritual meaning of spotting a Red Tail Hawk and it was fascinating to read.
* Protector of Mother Earth... Keepers of the Sacred Tradition*
On the 11th ~ Good Friday~  the Sparrows were joined by a white throated Sparrow.
It was mostly cloudy out but warm so a good time to bring out and set up the garden swing & furniture.
I made a pot of coffee, took my journal, watercolour pencils, a tiny jam jar of water and sat on the swing listening to the birds singing.  A few minutes later, a male and female Sparrow flew into the lilac looking down at me :-D
*wherever the sparrows are... I feel at peace*

It does not mean to be in a place where there is no  noise,
trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things
and still be calm in your heart
April 12
Easter morning
Male and Female Cardinals singing happily,
I was watching the squirrels climb the shepherds crook to get to the feeder!
The cardinals were getting sprinkled with falling seed.
One Squirrel would leave the feeder and another one would try.
Watching birds come and go and counting squirrels... there were 5 this time, I spotted Roger (yes, the squirrels are all named) :-D and wondered what he had flying around him … it was a bee!

*Headed inside at 1pm as  Andrea Bocelli held a free "Music for Hope" concert on his YouTube channel. He referred to it as a "Prayer for the World". What a wonderful Easter gift it was. 
He sang 5 songs, including Ave Maria (my favourite) and Amazing Grace.
Did anyone else watch?
Today's page
Woke to rain at 6 am and sweet birdsong
coming from a Robin who was sitting in the flowering pear tree by the pond.
I think I love the sound of water as much as they do.
Everything looked fresh and clean.
Mother Earth was having a washing day.
The bird baths were filled to the brim, the leaves seemed more green, the grass looked like it had grown overnight, lilac buds are swelling,  the hosta buds have risen even higher out of the ground... reaching. 
Fresh and clean start for a Monday.
Roger with a special treat just for him.
He's tiny and always stands back letting the other litter mates have first dibs. 
singing in the rain
And a rainy day quote from the amazing and my favourite poet Langston Hughes 
"Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head 
with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain
sing you a lullaby"
~Langston Hughes~ 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Imagine ...

I'm so used to finding heart shaped *everythings* on my daily walks
be it through the woods … bringing home heart shaped stones & bark
walks along the lake finding heart shaped beach glass and driftwood.
Now … It's been walks through the garden and I have found some hearts in unexpected places.
The leaf I found with the little heart shape in it (from a few posts back) is in my flower press.
I was outside taking photos of some of the subtle changes and it was only until I uploaded this photo
(there is a black squirrel nestled in the bushes) that I noticed the heart bokeh … the little things xo

This is Smudge. You can't see it in this photo but he has this fabulous grey smudge across his tail!
He's become one of my (dare I say) favourite squirrels ;-D
One lonesome tulip … the squirrels seem to love eating the bulbs
so I was happy to see one left!
pretty little pops of wild violets
"Since everything is a reflection of our minds,
everything can be changed by our minds"
"You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday
you'll join us.
And the world will live as
~John Lennon~ 

Friday, April 3, 2020

little things ...

Happy April 
from Archer (sleeping on the window seat in the background) and I
in our favourite spot in the kitchen.
Our table is surrounded by 4 very large windows 
where I love to sit and have a cup of tea and look over our garden and watch the birds
at the feeders. East facing we get the rising morning sun and it just starts the day off beautifully. 
The window seat has a pile of overstuffed, squishy  pillows and always a blanket to pull over your toes.
It's a cozy spot (especially on a rainy or snowy day) to sit with a hot drink and good book... or to just *sit* and *be* 

I've been puttering around the garden - so many changes happening already … new life poking its head up from the soil...I spotted the first daff today...  the lilac has huge buds on it and for the first time *ever* the yellow finch have returned *before* the lilac is in bloom which has been very exciting! 
The finch were on one side of a bird feeder and the male Cardinal on the other and the colours just took my breath away! So much beauty.
Of course, no matter how beautiful and colourful they are, the Sparrows still and will always have my heart xo
A handful of  branches clipped last month from our Pussy willow have 
been placed in a little concrete vessel for our Easter tree and I've been painting tiny little eggs to hang.
So far I've painted a *sparrow * swan* bee* feather* owl * heart* rainbow* nest with eggs* violets*
tulip* snowdrops* rabbit* lamb * bouquet of wildflowers* 
tucked into some dried hydrangea
tiny little hangers created from garden twine
and attached to the top
I have a dozen or more eggs left that I may or may not paint … 
I might just scatter them on the table, or place in a bowl, or nest … 
They are so tiny, I had to sit them in a paint cap to hold while I painted ;-D
"Life is a spell
so exquisite
that everything conspires
to break it"
~Emily Dickinson~ 
Have a wonderful day