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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Southampton to New York ...

On this rainy Sunday, I spent some time going through photos from April/May trip …
such an incredible time … planning a return :-D 
It truly was a train/plane/automobile/ship trip ...
returned home on the Queen Mary 2 ...
leaving Southampton ...
for New York ...
one of the {many} gorgeous walls …
so many wonderful activities/shows each day ...

deck walk 6x

what look like modern art sculptures
are actually spare propeller blades …
kitchen tour

always hungry :-D
looking over the  menu ...
the food was amazing!!

when you're a book nerd 
the first stop was to check out the library!
woke at 4 a.m.  to get ready for an early disembarkation,
pulled back the curtains and saw this …
Brooklyn Bridge
and then...
The Statue of Liberty
on a rainy, foggy May morning …
flight home from New York ...
and the best "Welcome Home"
from Archer xo 

Friday, June 15, 2018

painted stones from sparrow studio

beach combing * mindful * serene, meditative walks along the lake * 
stones found washed up along the shore ~ warm from the sun * 
a few brought home and placed on my art table ~ seeing images in the shape ...
each one unique with it's own variation ...
*feathers* birds * nests and eggs *fawn * fox *
a little nest to hold precious eggs
or a resting fawn
I have ...
collected each stone along lake Ontario
hand painted with acrylic paints &  deep gratitude and joy
protected with a coat of clear matte acrylic varnish
signed on the back
Will be posted {tracked} in a lovely chipboard box and nest of shredded paper ... with a little 'something extra' surprise added ...
$25.00 and up depending on size and detail 
soothing to hold for meditation
place on your altar
nestled in a dish
to use as a paperweight on your desk 

lake walk treasures 
Coming soon to my Etsy shop ...
busy weekend ahead 
filled with family  gatherings 
& meeting up with a friend from England I haven't seen for 14 years!!
Have a wonderful weekend
d x

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

new moon energy

*It's breathwork time*

It's breathwork time
eyes closed to clear the space
to quiet the mind
and heart's pace

Woodland wanderer
here you are home
amongst the trees, wild hares, birds
and kindreds who feel the urge to roam

Breathing in the new
letting out the old
clearing all the mental clutter
and tension that you hold

Sit as long as you need
to nourish your soul
setting intentions
for new dreams to unfold
~deb dunn~

It's breathwork time
a new painting 
new moon
new energy
new beginnings
~ a new cycle~ 
filled with all the things I love
trees * feathered friend * hares * flowers * nest and eggs * woodland *hOMe

**New Moon Energy ~ representing the end of one cycle and beginning of another**

I believe everything holds Energy ... Painting for me is such pure joy and sitting with paper in front of me, my brushes, simple jar of water, (often moon charged), imagination and pure, gentle intent.

Love, positivity, gratitude, faith, serenity ... I place these intentions with each brush stroke.

Often, as  I am painting, the story unfolds ~ sometimes it is just a few lines, other times, a chapter, and then there are those times where I feel I could write a book to go with the image ~ once again ... Energy.
The words find themselves lightly penciled on the paper ...
a dance of words and paint xo

 ~new moon blessings~
d x 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

published in sew somerset

My Web of Life Gathering Pocket is published in the Summer 2018  issue of Sew Somerset
{with directions to create your own}
You can find me on page 140 :-D
A lovely little pocket to tie around your waist - hands free to tuck found treasures in as you wander and dream through the woods 
Perfect year round for
twigs * acorns * pinecones * leaves * found feathers * branches *
stones * beach glass & anything else that speaks to your heart & soul 

Thank you so much to  Kaylin Warren & Kelly Kirchner
for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful publication.

Friday, June 1, 2018

bird lover ...

When Women Were Birds
"Once upon a time,
when women were birds,
there was the simple understanding
that to sing at dawn
and to sing at dusk
was to heal the world through joy.
The birds still remember
what we have forgotten.
That the world
is meant
to be
~Terry Tempest Williams~

~happy June~
d x