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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Warmth ...

~Winter Warmth~
We have had such a mild November this year.  Today with temps  at 53 degrees,  it  felt more like waiting the arrival of  Spring then the arrival of Winter. 
And oh how I adore Winter {and snow}.
But it was raining on and off all day ... and I also adore rain :-D
Winter Warmth is my newest painting.
I was thinking about snow and a recent Coyote sighting  in front of our home. This had me thinking of wonderful wild animals and how even though they are resilient we must be there to protect them in any way we can .
Badgers have been on my mind lately as well ...
So I sat with my paints in front of me and a jar of magical water {placed in my garden and super moon charged} and began to draw... and paint...

and then the story presents itself ...

The snow has just begun to fall ...
soft flakes twirl in the air and land gently.
Not bothered by the weather, for she has the company of Woodland animals to keep her warm
in body and spirit.
Fox has wrapped himself around her neck like a stole,
and badger, curled up in her arms where she has tucked her hands into his lovely dense fur like a muff.
White bird sings.
Her deep connection to nature
and every living creature
is felt
in this moment ...
each protecting one another.
Closing her eyes ...
taking in the moment ...
grateful for being part of each others life ...
the connection ...
caring ...
for this gentle moment...
for Winter Warmth ♥

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Train ...

Trains and Traditions
for me they go hand in hand and there is something so magical about taking a train ride this time of year ♥
Especially a Holiday train all decorated with lights and garlands and wreaths
with loved ones

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Art Journal ...

I'm always drawn to beautiful journals
and this past Summer on a reduced trolley I spotted a date book
with 2015/2016 stamped on the front.
It had an original price of $48.00 with the markdown price being $5.00 :-D
the fact that all of 2015 had passed as well as most of 2016 did not bother me in the least
I knew that I could turn it into either a traveling journal, an art journal, a spot to hold ticket stubs from shows we had planned, a sketch book ... so many ideas ... 
It turned out to be all of the above & then some!
I have painted and added pockets and envelopes
and  being a grandmother, I am blessed with the gifts of the  sweetest art work ...
a spot for quotes ...
pressing leaves ...
jotting down trips ...
adding maps ...
photographs ...
I have added little business card size  pockets to keep cards I have picked up
{these are peel and stick so really handy}
quotes ...
our garden owl spotting has inspired lots of owl paintings
when you *love* hockey
a few pages just for  Adele :-)
her concert was amazing!
I have created lots of coffee filter pockets, so I added some of those too - they fit the pages perfectly and hold lots of little clippings I want to save
My journal has come along in my knapsack on woodland walks ...
It looks lovelier now I think than when it was new ...
clips are handy to hold pages together
& mini clothes pegs
writing about my favourite Season & the changing leaves ...
{a quick Muskoka view}
favourite quotes
pumpkin patch visit
Autumn Equinox
favourite walking spot notes
a leaf found on holidays on our way to dinner ♥ after a wonderful day
just looking at it brings back such lovely memories
a little bit of painting leaving a bit of space to jot down thoughts
sweet tiny leaves that I put between pages with a little washi tape
fortune cookie {that was spot on }
whimsy ... always whimsy
a favourite photo I took years ago of a yellow finch sitting in our lilac ...
 I had  it propped up on my desk and now it has a page to itself

I love making note of the moon phases ...
Wasn't yesterday's Super Moon amazing ♥
Fill your paper
with the breathings
of your heart ♥
~William Wordsworth~
dragon fly love
It's as heavy as it looks :-)
A month and a half left ...
Is not the poet bound
to write his own biography?
Is there any other work for him
but a good journal?
~Henry David Thoreau~