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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where Bloggers Create 2016 ♥

So happy to be participating again this year in the
Where Bloggers Create blog party

Welcome to Vintage Sparrow Studio
I'll show you around my little creative  sanctuary ♥
I always seem to have something growing or rooting along my window sills
{avocado pits have been a favourite for years as we eat so many avocados}

My vintage metal drawers were found and gifted to me by my son.
In my favourite colour green ~ the drawers hold all my stamps and stamping inks.
Photos I've taken of the Sparrows in our garden can be found throughout.
And the sweetest little "love notes" by grandsons hands.
When you become a Grandmother
you are blessed with lots of art work & I have it displayed throughout  ♥
Everything in my studio 
has been found at
garage sales * our local animal shelter store * or curb side freebies
My Clair  Murray hand hooked runner was a lucky garage sale find!
I love to combine my Art with favourite quotes and my weavings
This is one of my favourites ...
With lots of woodland walk treasures added ...
skeleton leaves ... feathers ... pinecones ... dried flowers...acorns ...

Feathers found on walks come home with me
studio chandelier
A recently painted canvas brush roll
old vintage drawers found curbside now hold excess bottles of paint
a new painting on the easel
an old variety store "chip rack" holds small pieces of art
jam jars with garden flowers sit on my art table
cards ♥
another fun garage sale find was my store magazine rack
which now holds magazines I've been published in
my "Narnia" like art cupboard
which holds paper, books, canvas, paints, brushes, markers, pencils etc
a well loved suitcase holds my wool
loved brushes
favourite pens
sparrows ... always sparrows ♥
keeping my loved ones near
a gift from my children 1992
I love nests of all kinds & create these from snips of left over wool
some stitchery
a hand made journal
studio sign
old printers tray
lots of journals
a portrait I painted of my daughter Kate on her graduation
magazine love
thrilled to have my Art on the front cover of
The Coloring Studio
some of my gift bags
these book shelves get changed around quite a bit :-)
and Archer the sweetest little studio dog ever!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Thank you Karen  for hosting Where Bloggers Create again this year !!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Landscape Journey ...

travel journal
painting apron
well loved paint palette
jam jars filled with water
vintage case to hold watercolours
an improv rustic easel created from fallen branches
a little { slice of heaven } spot to sit ...
Every now and then
one paints a picture
that seems to have opened a door
and serves
as a stepping stone
to other things
~Pablo Picasso~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Garden centre

We had a few plants on our list this Summer to add to our garden.
Headed out to one of our favourite spots for perennials.
Row after row of  gorgeous rich colour ♥
And the loveliest friends ...
who all came over to greet us ...
for a chat {and ear scratch}
such a sweetie ~ I started to forget what I actually came for to begin with once I was around these lovelies :-)
we came home with some black eyed susan & wisteria vine
and big smiles :-D on our faces !
summer days