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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Canvas are Calling ...

the Artemesia is drying nicely ...
just sitting on my art table in the sunlight
 ~ it has a distinctive scent I find very lovely
my watercolour pencils all needed a good sharpening ...
pencils sharpened, brushes cleaned, sketchbook open ...
the canvas are calling
~have a wonderful weekend~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Texture Tuesdays ...

Under the Weeping Willow
Texture : Aurora (Kim Klassen)
We met some sweet barnyard friends this past Saturday at Art in the Vineyard craft show.
They had a lovely shady spot under a beautiful Weeping Willow.
Joining in today with Texture Tuesday.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday moments ...

I was quietly sitting at my kitchen table this morning, sipping tea and writing out my morning's to-do list, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the woodpeckers.
While this is nothing new ... they visit the suet baskets many times a day ... I had never seen them feed their babies ♥
The window blinds were only pulled half way up and I knew that pulling them all the way up would scare the woodpeckers away so I left them as they were.  I had a kitchen chair blocking most of my view, but my camera was at hand, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity to at least try and get a picture. 
Like baby Woodie I felt happy & content.
On our weekend walk, I came across this beautiful Hawk feather .
I thought what a beautiful smudging feather it would make.
We have large patches of Artemesia growing in our garden. The initial few sprigs were gifted to me in the early 90's... and have spread rapidly over the years.
I will make some bundles & let them dry.
I found this beautiful piece at a charity shop.  I think it was originally a tiny frame, although the back was missing. There was something so lovely about it that I had to buy it. 
Artemesia ~ Artemis ~ Goddess of wilderness & woods who traveled the woods in the company of dogs.
The piece was found years ago, and I still have not filled it.  I thought of maybe using it to hold a little pressed flower, or clover . I found a 4-leaf clover in our garden shortly after our Lab Bentley passed. He had a favourite spot in our garden and I was thinking of him, looked down and there it was. I have that clover framed next to my studio desk {now yellowed, faded and paper thin}.
You never know what treasures will be bestowed upon you ♥

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

One of the reasons I love doing a Thankful  (things I love} Thursday post is that I can recap my week of gratitude in one post.  I've been doing a TT post since I started blogging {with my 1st posted from home blog in 2006)
This weeks thankful loves are ...
my chippy garden statue ~
she stands guarding, nestled in a flower patch in our back yard.
our  courtyard garden

mostly left to it's own doing
our little English country garden
we've had 2 hummingbird spottings (still hoping to catch a photo ... have been trying for years)
 a beautiful yellow swallowtail that's been in our garden since the lilac bloomed
lots and lots of bumbles
blue jays and crows, doves, black birds and
the perfect veggie lunch
with fresh farmer market ingredients
 tomatoes and spinach
hummus (homemade)
rye toast
red cabbage
and a handful of cashews
our walking spot is filled with Swallows
one spot in particular finds them in clusters along the wires
a lovely little community
we had to be careful at one point where we stepped
there were random eggs here and there
since there are a lot of Killdeer in the area, I wondered if they belonged to them ♥
will have to do some research :-)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday musings ...

After seeing how many blooms were on our peony bushes this morning,
I felt they were giving me permission to clip a few to enjoy indoors
at this time of year I love being able to rely on my own little English Country garden to supply posies for indoors & brought out a few vases to fill for the kitchen, family room, living room and studio ♥

which is where my next "to do" item was on my list ... upstairs to the studio.
I have had quite a few projects going on at once recently (completed now I am happy to say)
 which resulted in creating a bit of a mumbled mess!
things began to look much better in no time.
But of course, as I was going through beads and trinkets I started thinking of new ways to incorporate them :-)
I purchase brown paper shipping paper by the rolls - I love using it for tons of purposes, one of my favourite being covering my art table.
It feels lovely and fresh when I pull the roll down to cover the table.
Perfect for jotting down ideas as I sit and paint and/or craft... because that is when more often than not the ideas come :-)
that, and I am such a doodler!
It is so economical and makes clean up a breeze.
When it's time to change the paper up, I like to have a look at all that's jotted down ... all the little sketches and thoughts, splatters of paint ... all that's happened in Sparrow Studio ♥
working on some exciting projects ...
must remember my own words

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

the peony are in bloom
each year it seems I watch and watch
wondering when it will be that the first bloom appears
and then in the blink of an eye
the entire peony bush is filled with scented flowers
we had quite a downpour last night
with thunder and lightening
the garden is well watered
and little birdie drinking areas
filled to the top
this one is a favourite with the sparrows
tucked in amongst the peony, hosta and larkspur
and red geraniums
I know that a rule of thumb says peony take a while to re establish themselves once moved.
We lost so many bushes and plants due to the harsh Winter and especially the ice storm that moving this particular Peony was necessary.
It has never looked so good!
I think it prefers it's new spot.
both Peony bushes bloomed at exactly the same time this year

Later this afternoon,
when the garden has dried,
I will pick some blooms ... just a few ... to put on our table ♥
working on a garden project...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

close to my heart ♥ ...

When Managing Editor Christine Stephens contacted me a few months ago
 regarding writing an article for my Stitched Hearts, I knew that I would include all the little things that are close to my heart.
The very reason these little hearts were created in the first place ...
to be given
to the one (s) I love
One of my very favourite heart creations
vintage lace, buttons, fabric rosettes & stamped message.
Thank you so much Christine for the opportunity to share my crafts & thoughts.
It is always an honour ♥
My Stitched Hearts article along with directions to make the stitched hearts can be found in the newest Sew Somerset Summer 2014 issue.
garden bunny Beau
as in Beau tiful ♥
he actually walked up to my hubby as he was gardening over the weekend.
we had lots of rain last night
starting late in the evening and continuing all through the night
the peony
are almost ready to open.
we have 2 peony bushes ~ one normally blooms a week or so earlier than the other, but this year, we had to move one of them (the later bloomer) and it looks  as though they are both going to bloom at the same time.
the lilac is still looking
and smelling
joy at the suet basket
the squirrels left a little bit for the birds :-)
abundance in our garden
a perfusion of flowers & birds
close to my heart