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Friday, June 26, 2015

in the garden ...

Hello Lilies
The lily have bloomed now, and we have big bright yellow clusters
in our garden :-)
And the Daisies
which seem to be a welcomed resting spot for butterflies and moths.
I often find a few sitting on the daisies.
I can never resist clipping a few daisies to bring inside ♥
lovely chubby bees enjoying our garden.
This has been the year of the Robin in our garden!
We have never seen so many Robins ~ it's been wonderful to see them thrive.
This is an older photo but I can still remember how thrilled I was when the Robins nested on top of our garden pergola.  I was able to get a "birds eye view" literally from an upstairs window.
Just look at all that beauty!!
We have a tiny little dish next to the pond which turned out to be the perfect spot for the fledging to have a splash.  They were cautious of getting into the birdbaths and not sure of walking around the pond, but this little dish was the perfect size.
Each morning we fill it up with fresh water and more often than not will find a bird either splashing about or having a drink :-)  We've also spotted a few butterflies enjoying it too.
Painting inspired by all the little blue Robin egg shell fragments found throughout our garden.
They really feel like little tokens of Thanks from the Robins xo
Print available in my Etsy shop ♥
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Clematis ...

Everything in it's own time
in the garden
first I look forward to the Lilac blooming in our backyard
and then the Peony bushes blooming in the front garden
and then ...
once the Lilac and Peony have had their show,
our arbours are covered in a pop of purple
Go forth,
and play joyfully
in the garden
of life
~Jonathan Lockwood Huie~

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Woodland Whispers ...

We took a train ride over the weekend
where one of the stops let you out for ice cream
and a walk through the rock garden and frog pond ♥
looking for frogs :-)
purple iris beauty
birds butterflies and bugs
standing quietly listening to the sounds of Nature
to the Woodland Whispers

Monday, June 8, 2015


Not the best of photos,
but too sweet not to share ♥
Our newest baby garden bunny :-}
Out of all the photos I snapped these 2 were the best!  I had to take them sitting on our kitchen window seat, zooming in as best I could as she is quite a distance away in the garden.
The cutest part is, of all the spots to choose, she ALWAYS sits here ... next to our
Rabbit Crossing garden sign.
She's getting bigger and bigger by the day.
We call her Lillith as she loves to sit by the Lilies .

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

I am so Grateful to be in 2 Stampington publications this month.
Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2015
Sew Somerset
Summer 2015 where I have 3 articles / art work.
A Contact Gatherer pouch
 to hold  business cards
created with my Woodland Whispers print on the cover.
Practical Pinafore
my new favourite style of apron
with cross over straps. Super comfy to wear and easy to put on and off.
lots of embellishments including a special little
"love note to the sparrows"
And for the garden,
my Live Life Lantern
create using a few  watercoloured prayer flag panels
and stitched together.
All the directions to create, along with needed Tools & Materials are in Sew Somerset.
I wanted to create it so that it could lay flat after Summer when it's time to pack away the garden items.  The two dowels on top criss cross and you simply just take them out to allow the lantern to fold up.
In our garden, the Lilac have all but finished
making way for the Peony to be the star of the garden for a little while.
I've snipped and gathered up the last little bit of lilac and lily of the valley
to bring indoors ♥
hope you are having a wonderful, Thankful Thursday
♥ d