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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hello June ...

June first ... 

and after last weeks rain, the garden is green and lush and all the bare spots have now filled in. 

The lilac and lily-of-the-valley are fading, the peony and vines are ready to bloom . . . 

One of the magical moments in life

is that anything lost

is usually replaced with something else

You never lack

You simply transition . . . 


The lilac, while it put on a wonderful show is fading, but when I sit with my tea by the pond in the morning, it's intoxicating scent still permeates the air. It's wonderful and relaxing as I sit for morning meditation/reflection in the garden before the day "begins". 
The sound of trickling water is such a magnet to the birds and our garden has seen so many lovely visitors. I find myself looking through bird books and googling almost daily trying to identify all the new feathered friends. In addition to the pond, we have bird baths and saucers dispersed throughout our garden and have noticed which ones certain birds gravitate to. 
This morning was a varnish day. I had a number of canvas that needed the final touches put to them as well as a handful of newly painted stones. While time consuming, I  love how the colours come alive once the varnish hits them!
Pretty little sand cherry blossoms (and bokeh) 
This water dish is a favourite amongst all the birds, although it was tucked into this corner of the garden specifically for the smaller birds (the yellow finch love it). We have a Robin nesting and she loves her morning drinks here as do the nesting Doves. Speaking of the Doves, the two babies were spotted a few days ago (cuteness overload)! The nest is harder to see into now as the honeysuckle vine has gone wild but that's a good thing! I'd rather they all be protected and safe and sound. The weather has been all over the place, so the vine will help with the heat/wind/rain. 
Lots of exciting projects happening this month . . .  I will share when I can :-D 
Happy June
d xo


CanadianGardenJoy said...

We finally had lots of rain that was sorely needed here .. and we are in for a bit of a heat wave in a couple of days. I am going to try and get as much garden work done as possible before that hits.
YES ! the scent of lilac is glorious , I really love it ! .. they are gone too fast for me but the garden moves on and I have to move with it.
That owl figure is amazing .. beautiful ! .. I have sand cherry too and their blooms are spent too quickly this year.
We have a couple of bird baths and it is hilarious at times to watch them enjoy it so much .. nature is a comforting element in our lives.

Deb said...

hello Joy~ thank you so much for your visit and lovely comment. We are experiencing the same weather here in Burlington.
The Owl was painted on a Lake Ontario stone found during one of my morning walks along the lake.
Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.