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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

papery days ...

New Years Eve ...
Reflecting on all the wonderful blogging friendships I have made over the year(s).
Thank you for your lovely comments, emails, notes, letters & pressies ...  I treasure them all xo
One of my very favourite blog reads  is Lesley @ small meadow press.
Each visit is an absolute treat.
Lesley has begun "Papery Days" , and as a paper loving girl, I knew that this would be something I'd love to participate in.
From Inspiration boards to bulletin boards covered with bits and bobs of paper, to twine strung- clothespin-  make shift art displays, to an art desk covered in watercolour paper ... I find beauty in it all ♥
daily crossword puzzles & Sudoku ...
pencil sketches ...
 a photo of my precious Ben {photo printed on watercolour paper}  strung across my bookcase ...
I feel his presence with me always ...
snips from magazines to create endless inspiration boards ...
quotes I love
blended with watercolour birds ...
tiny handmade paper calendars for my desk ...
Archer's Advent Calendar
a gift from a friend
with the sweetest little quote ...
Christmas cards ~ I save them all ...
the MOST precious Christmas card of all ...
from my grandson ♥♥

A reminder on my kitchen bulletin board ~ Downton Abbey returns January 5th :-)
{my son gave me the entire Downton Abbey C.D. set for Christmas} 
 Advent tags ...
 and prayers ...
a surprise in the mail today :-)
 thrilled to have my STITCHED HEARTS
 "stitched with love"  published in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2014 issue
 of the stampers' sampler magazine.
 found in my fortune cookie
keeping this on my desk :-)
May you be blessed
with warmth
in your home
in your heart
in your soul
and joy
in your life
~Irish Blessing~
Happy New Year

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crystal snowflakes ...

Because of the ice making walking tricky,
we haven't been on our regular hikes with Archer ...
as we headed out yesterday
into an area that is still dealing with ice (twice the size of the branches it clings to)
we were more aware of our surroundings than usual ...
the warmth of the sun created an eerie crackling as we walked...
it was like having crystal chandeliers over you
we were surprised to hear the sound of a few tiny chickadees
but always carry a small container  of seed with us in case ♥
looking through a curtain of icy branches to the running stream below ...
signs of walkers and snowmobilers  before us ...
and lots of sweet paw prints xo
Archer met up with lots of doggie friends all happy to be out
I think I take a photo of this nest every time I pass :-)
it has withstood the elements ...
what a testament to the way it was built!
keeping those still without power in our thoughts & prayers ♥
lakes and rivers,
clouds and winds,
stars and flowers,
stupendous glaciers
crystal snowflakes,
every form of animate
or inanimate existence
leaves its impress
the soul
of man
~Orson Swett Marden~

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas moments & memories ...

Archer in the garden ...
and in his Christmas outfit :-)
the bird's
Christmas tree
clementine slices strung across branches
peanut butter
'Santa buttons'
I did this with my children every Christmas when they were little, and this year
had so much fun sitting at the kitchen table with my grandson
stringing 'Santa buttons'
for the birds tree.
It's a little different each year, using what we have.  Some years it is popcorn strings and other times cranberry ...
 and just like our treats ...it won't take long before it is all gone.
Made lots of cable knit cowls this Christmas
lined with fleece
and a little snip of vintage lace doily & button closure
with some fingerless gloves
{I like to pull these over my regular thin gloves ... they are handy when out with the camera... }
and our "new" tradition ... mouse in the house {our little take on elf on the shelf).
My grandson LOVES mice ... so I made a little grey mouse ... hid him all through the house ...
and listened for squeals of delight when he was spotted ♥
Hope your Christmas was filled with wonderful moments & memories. xo

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas ♥ ...

 our home
yours ...
A Very Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter SolstICE ...

the ice was here
the ice was there
the ice was all around
it cracked
and growled
and roared
and howled
like noises
in a swound.
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Vintage Christmas ♥ Comfort & Joy # 12 ...

Good old fashioned board games ...
I find lots of old games during my summer garage sale hunts ... especially Scrabble & I always pick them up ... the tiles are great for crafting.
This is our families "original" Scrabble board & it has seen lots of family game nights
 over the years :-)
In our family room we have a huge, oversized foot stool that doubles as a coffee table &
I like to drape it with a wool blanket and put the scrabble board out with a big silver tray full of scrabble tiles over the holidays.
With friends dropping by through the week & weekend, it's fun to have something out for them to do while I am in the kitchen getting coffee & treats ready :-)
I also have a bowl of magnetic words ... same idea
with a little note left ♥

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Vintage Christmas ♥ Comfort & Joy #11...

These past few days,
Mr. Fox has been on the needles ...
a simple garter and stocking stitch knit
with a little loop at the back
 to join fox tail to neck
and keep a little grandbaby
warm this Christmas ♥
 my little woodland fox
glass ornament supplied the colour inspiration ...
for both the fox scarf & hat
along with Beatrix Potter
'The Tale of Mr. Tod'
Animal Hats
Vanessa Mooncie.
I absolutely love this book
& while Mr. Fox was my favourite and 1st make from it,
the sweet bunny hat may possibly be 2nd on the needles
but that will happen after Christmas :-)
 and my 'pom pom maker'
which makes the perfect sized, fluffy, pompoms...
I re-use the paper spool from ribbon.  Simply pop out the middle.
Linking with Yarn Along today.