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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

 The snow has been falling, then melting and falling again ...
Our garden has been filled with birds and squirrels and Beau Bunny who makes daily visits ♥
The (acrobatic)  squirrels have managed to get to all the feeders and suet baskets and made quite a mess ... hubby has put the wheel barrow underneath one of the feeding stations and it's helped a bit ... now the squirrels can sit comfortably while eating all the fallen seed :-) 
I have an article and stitchery project in the newest Sew Somerset Winter 2015 issue.
"Sharing & Wearing my HeART" is a little fabric business card holder created using my Peaceful Thoughts print.
I find so many discarded books at Church rummage sales and garage sales.  They often have pages torn and missing and  scribbles inside, perfect for putting to one side to use in mixed media art.  After painting this Angel print, I went through a few books looking for the perfect words to add & created a little Thankful for quote ♥
love and laughter
for joys of morning, night and noon,
twilight, music
the ordinary
daily things I do each day
for these gifts
I find
carry us along
a kindred life
from day to day
of joy.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends celebrating today xo

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

This is the snowy view from my kitchen window last night.
Twinkle lights surround all four windows and
 on our kitchen table tiny bees wax votive candles flicker.
I love this time of year ... dinner by candle light, snow falling lightly.
~*~ magical ~*~
I have just finished a little Woodland Walks Christmas ornament collection.
The set includes 6 felt ornaments :
sparrow :: rabbit :: fox :: owl:: toadstool:: woodland walks heart as well as
a "Sweet as Chocolate" card
 & an inspirational tag
For your Christmas tree as an ornament,
added to swags across your fireplace or staircase,
tucked into a wreath,
added to the  top of a present
... you could even add a small pin to the back and attach to your coat to wear on your own Woodland Walk.
felt, fabric and stamps
create the Woodland Walks heart
I've included lots of little "extras" so the collection can be split up
you could for instance ...
keep a few ornaments for yourself
and attach the little tag to another as a gift ...
Tuck another in the "Sweet as Chocolate" card.
{cards are in the latest Green Craft magazine}
these cards are the ideal little vessel for ornaments ~
always love slipping an unexpected pressie into a card ♥
attach a pin (included) to the back of another to add to your coat ...
a heart just has to be added ...
my "unconditional love"
You can find the Woodland Walks set at my Etsy shop
listed this morning.
{EDIT: Woodland Walks set is sold & going to a lovely home ♥}
So many things to be Thankful for ...
yesterday as I was finishing up the Woodland Walks set, I received a beautiful email .
In fact, I asked in my reply if I could post a bit of it, to which she generously said yes.
"Hi Deb,  I think your card up-cycle is completely brilliant, original, edgy and for me addictive.
I think it is my favourite project, by far, in the latest Green Craft for all of the above reasons ...
...I am an avid card-maker and I think your design is brilliant.
Thanks for submitting your idea to the magazine otherwise I wouldn't be as happy and excited as I am about trying your design!
... All my best.
 Keep creating.
How lovely for someone to take the time to write such a kind note.  We are all so busy and time is so precious, which makes finding notes like this ... well...precious!
So much of my time is spent in my Sparrow Studio, thinking up designs and creating and to receive lovely feedback to tell me they are inspired by something I designed really made my day.  Thank you so much Frances ♥
As we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated
from our own fear,
our presence
actually liberates others
~Marianne Williamson~

Monday, November 17, 2014

snowing ...

The view from my kitchen window Saturday morning ...
I was sitting with my tea & news paper when I  noticed the Woodpeckers and a few Sparrows at the suet basket.
There was barely any suet left, so I headed outside to refill them.
And as soon as I did the squirrels arrived.
Now they already have a pile of peanuts AND all the acorns that I had in bowls inside I put out into the garden for them...
but as soon as they spot the suet, they are on it!
And then I noticed the snow ♥
Every so faintly, but it was snow ...
oh how I love the snow ...
which has been falling ever since!
Mr. Handsome trying out a bow.
and in our Saturday's paper, the Milk Calendar.
I look forward to this calendar which is tucked into our weekend newspaper every year.
~the lovely-ness of daily-ness~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

Time seems to be flying by and
I am making lots of lists to make sure everything gets done ...
As I sit and get a post ready it is trying to snow ...
our garden is alive with birds and squirrels and I even spotted our garden bunny hop over to the compost area as I sat with my tea earlier in the morning.  I'm surprised the pumpkin from Halloween has not been touched yet ~ normally the squirrels are nibbling at it on the front porch!
One suet basket is already emptied and a Woodpecker is waiting patiently for squirrel to leave the other one.  On the ground there are at least a dozen sparrows eating the falling seed from the Red Cardinal who is perched on the window feeder.
I recently picked up a bag of seed and the birds LOVE it.  It is filled with sunflower seeds and has attracted lots of birds.  Something tells me we will be buying another bag soon :-)
Had tickets to two amazing concerts.
Saw Tony Bennett who was simply incredible and worth the 2 hour drive :-)
and on Monday we saw Sarah McLachlan ... equally as incredible!

Last nights dinner was butternut squash soup.
Perfect, warm meal when we got home from walking Archer.
I change the recipe a bit as it calls for chicken broth.
I simply use a vegetable cube ... delicious!
My kitchen table is filled with boxes of Christmas decorations.
I am going to take my time this afternoon, unwrapping each one, savouring the moment {and memories} each holds, and finding it's spot.
~hope you are having a wonderful {thankful} Thursday~

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Autumn ~ In my Head and Heart ...

 Walking amongst the yellow, green and gold ...
 Autumn is blessing us with her beauty!
 Added a few more prints to my Shop today
...soon it will all be about snowflakes and  whimsical birds wearing woolen scarves and ear muffs and hats :-) Santa Claus and Snowmen ♥
 life imitates art...
you will find little hearts hanging from branches around my home too
 Taking in all the beauty of November...
as much as my head & heart
can hold.