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Monday, February 29, 2016

by the light of the moon ...

Created a set of 8 miniature cards
chosen from some of my favourite paintings
set available in my shop {link in blog sidebar}
Each card is approximately 2.5" x 4" in size
making them ideal for your
Altar space
Meditation area
To tuck into the corner of a mirror
Place in your wallet {to carry with you always}
Attach with a magnet to your refrigerator

Printed on Epson matte archival paper
using Epson ultra chrome K3 inks for superior archival quality and colour
Hand cut and mounted on "Sparrow brown" cardstock
~ perfect to write your own special sentiment on the back  to add as a gift tag~
8 mini clothes pegs & brown and white twine added should you prefer to create a garland from all or some of the 8 cards ♥ lots of options ...
Cards were charged under the gorgeous
Full Snow Moon
and the sweetest little friend spotted on our Honeysuckle vine covered garden gate ... I could hear rustling and looked down to see this little love enjoying his own found treasure of the day ♥
have a wonderful Monday
♥ d

Monday, February 8, 2016

In the garden ...

It's raining at the moment
but snow is on it's way ...
Lots of action in the garden ...
Little ones wait patiently in the morning...
Everyone has their own special spot...
This looks like a great "look out" area ...
Peanuts have been bought
We are all ready for tomorrow's hungry crew :-)
this is an older photo ... but one that makes me smile every time I look at it :-)
The Robins had nested here (when our gazebo is covered in lush Honeysuckle vine you can hardly see that anyone is nesting ... but it's become such a popular spot in our garden that we automatically look here now ) and this little cutie decided that it was a good hiding spot for a few peanuts.