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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Painting progress & projects . . .

I've been spending lots of (happy) painting hours on my fundraiser artscape leaf and it's about 2/3rds completed :-) loving every minute!

It's rewarding to see a vision you have in your mind appear before you. The base of everything has been painted, now it's just a matter of adding all the fine details which I love. . .  all the shading and brush strokes that make the images pop.

We've had the cutest little red squirrel visit our garden these past few weeks, and he has found himself tucked into the leaf. I still have to add those cute little ear tuffs to him.

 Another project I'm participating in this month is "We are all Connected" created by author * poet * artist Beatricia Sagar.  Beatricia has sent out blank puzzle pieces to artists all over the world to paint and mail back to her. Connecting us all world wide during these unprecedented times that have kept us apart. For my piece, I painted a Robin's nest and 3 little eggs paying homage to the Robins who are nesting. 

"Art is something that makes you breathe

with a different kind of happiness"

-Anni Albers-

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Solstice . . .

Sparrow garden is filling out and looking more colourful by the day . . . 
now it's time for the Yarrow

and the Daisies 
and the Lilies to take over :-) 
We've also spotted butterflies and tons of bees in the garden which is wonderful!
Mama and Papa Dove have left  their nest, and we are happy to welcome two sweet baby doves  that have been cooing in our garden. It's always such a wonderful feeling when you see them safe and sound and enjoying our/their home. 

Now it's Robin's turn.  I've been keeping a watchful eye on her nest and yesterday the babies were big enough that I can spot their heads bopping up and down above the rim of the nest. Both Mama and Papa Robin have been busy flying in and out of the nest with food for their hungry, growing family. 

Our temperatures have been all over the place, from heat to rain to high winds, and today it feels like fall and I wore a jacket on my morning walk and afternoon bike ride. It felt more like September than June but I'm not complaining, I love the cooler temperatures.  I'm so happy that Robin has built her nest tucked in tightly under the eaves protecting it from the elements. 

cuteness overload!

We celebrated Summer Solstice yesterday a little differently than we normally do.
Traditionally I make tea sandwiches and little bite sized treats and we have our supper in the garden.
Yesterday it was cold, windy and raining on and off, so I made homemade pizza instead and we had it inside by candlelight ;-)
Rolling out the dough, I had a sweet surprise .... I really do see/ find hearts everywhere!!! 
I had to take a photo.

"One way of celebrating the Solstice 
is to consider it a sacred time of 




and renewal"

-Sarah Ban Breathnach-

~Happy Summer time~ 
d xo

Friday, June 11, 2021

Artscape . . . A Leaf for Life

So happy to share the  1st of some exciting happenings here at Sparrows Studio this month.

Last month  I received notification that I had been chosen as 1 of 50 local artists to participate in "Burlington Artscape" a city wide fundraiser for Joseph Brant Hospital. 50 artists creating 50 one of a kind pieces of outdoor art that will be available  for  purchase at a cost of $750.00  with 100% of proceeds going to the hospital. Honored to, in my own humble way , be able to  support our local hospital with this community project during these unprecedented times. 

I picked up my fabulous canvas - a 4 foot aluminum laser cut Maple leaf! It's already been primed, but I need to wait a few more days for it to cure before I can begin painting. I have a few ideas floating about,  but only until I begin will I know where it takes me ;-). 

Once all 50 leaves are handed back in, they will be sealed and then  a " leaf art path"  will be created on the property of Grace United Church, Burlington Ontario  August 8, 15 & 22 for public display. All very exciting!

 "there is too much good in you

for you to not let goodness be

who and what you are . . . 

and there is too much beautiful in you

for you to not let beautiful be who

and what you are . . . 

and there is too much fire and passion

and magic and art and love in you

for you to not let it all be 

who and what you are"

-butterflies rising-

Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday morning mandala . . .

I love (almost) daily lake Ontario beach walks . . .  It doesn't matter that  the chosen spot to begin and end the walk is usually the same  . . .  there is a sense of serenity in the routine.   The walking * taking in the fresh air and breeze * the birds and at this time of the year the Monarchs are here enjoying the milkweed * noticing the tides * and the treasures . . .  the stones, driftwood  and beach glass (mermaids tears) . Be it early morning, mid morning, or late afternoon - being able to slip in a walk beside the water, shoes off, toes sinking in the sand is pure bliss. I find peacefulness whenever I am near the water and for me it is the perfect open space to clear my head.  I have taken many thoughts/questions down to the waters edge with me and almost always, I find the answer.
A little journaling .... getting my thoughts and ideas down on paper . . .  these few days in  the month of June have already been productive and filled with new and exciting projects. I am needing to keep track of  it all. I haven't said YES to every offer/proposal  but the ones I have I am very excited about. This coming weekend  I begin a huge project that I am looking forward to sharing here, on IG and FB,  with Painting in Process posts! 

"Every now and again,

you will feel a dull ache

in your soul.

A gentle humming

around your heart.

A longing for something

without a name.

If I ever told you

to obey anything,

this would be it.

Listen to the call

of your authentic self;

that part of you that lives

just outside of your own skin.

Let it have its way with you.

I have died a hundred times

trying to ignore it"

-Mia Hollow-

"Freedom is not about the size of your cage

or the power of your wings

or non-attachment to a person or a thing.

Freedom is about being so truly,

madly & deeply attached to your own soul

that you can't bear - 

if only for a moment - 

a life that doesn't honor it"

-Andrea Balt-
-my favourite colour of mermaid tears/beach glass .... sea foam~

happy Monday
d xo

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday thoughts from a garden ....

"There is a lesson in each flower.

A story in each stream and bower;

on every herb which you tread

are written words, which rightly read,

will lead you from Earth's fragrant sod,

to Hope, to Holiness, and God"

-A. Cunningham-
It rained all night and most of the morning, but the moment it stopped, I picked up my camera, changed lenses to the Macro and walked around the garden. After watching with anticipation for the Peony to bloom, just like that, it seemed like literally overnight, there were blooms! 
Knowing Peony season is so short lived, I savour every moment.
By mid afternoon, some of the blooms had become big shaggy pom poms.
Dove was cooing for her mate to return. After a night and morning of rain, I am sure she was ready to switch shifts. As I stood quietly listening to her gentle coos, I noticed this gorgeous egg shell by my feet.
We have nesting birds all throughout our garden - Doves, Robins, House Sparrows, Finch ... making leaving the house tricky :-) We don't want to disturb anyone! 
"There is nothing in which a bird differs more than man

than in the way in which they can build

and yet leave a landscape as it was before"

-Robert Lynd-


the place where ones strength is drawn,

where one feels at home;

the place where you are your most

authentic self

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hello June ...

June first ... 

and after last weeks rain, the garden is green and lush and all the bare spots have now filled in. 

The lilac and lily-of-the-valley are fading, the peony and vines are ready to bloom . . . 

One of the magical moments in life

is that anything lost

is usually replaced with something else

You never lack

You simply transition . . . 


The lilac, while it put on a wonderful show is fading, but when I sit with my tea by the pond in the morning, it's intoxicating scent still permeates the air. It's wonderful and relaxing as I sit for morning meditation/reflection in the garden before the day "begins". 
The sound of trickling water is such a magnet to the birds and our garden has seen so many lovely visitors. I find myself looking through bird books and googling almost daily trying to identify all the new feathered friends. In addition to the pond, we have bird baths and saucers dispersed throughout our garden and have noticed which ones certain birds gravitate to. 
This morning was a varnish day. I had a number of canvas that needed the final touches put to them as well as a handful of newly painted stones. While time consuming, I  love how the colours come alive once the varnish hits them!
Pretty little sand cherry blossoms (and bokeh) 
This water dish is a favourite amongst all the birds, although it was tucked into this corner of the garden specifically for the smaller birds (the yellow finch love it). We have a Robin nesting and she loves her morning drinks here as do the nesting Doves. Speaking of the Doves, the two babies were spotted a few days ago (cuteness overload)! The nest is harder to see into now as the honeysuckle vine has gone wild but that's a good thing! I'd rather they all be protected and safe and sound. The weather has been all over the place, so the vine will help with the heat/wind/rain. 
Lots of exciting projects happening this month . . .  I will share when I can :-D 
Happy June
d xo