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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sentimental Symbols ...

Fly On Gentle Wings
Cuff Bracelet
A gentle positive affirmation that I wear on my wrist.
Today, I thought I would share how I make it & also, how I made my little key chain.
You probably have most of the items already & can easily improvise adding what is personal & special  to you. They each take very little fabric.
Tools & Materials
metal heart embellishment/trinket
small bird stamp
small alphabet stamp
stamping ink
3 white buttons
needle and thread
sewing machine
*cut a strip of fabric 8" x 2 1/2 "
*layer with small pieces of fabric and lace to create a multi dimensional look.
*on a small square of fabric, stamp with bird stamp.  fray edges of fabric.
*when you are happy with the arrangement of your layered pieces, sew them all in place. allow your lace to overlap slightly as this will become the three button holes you will need.
*attach heart embellishment to cuff.
*stamp on a long thin strip of fabric words that have a special sentimental meaning to you. I chose FLY ON GENTLE WINGS .
* cut out words and sew individually onto cuff.
*attach 3 buttons along one half of cuff with sewing needle and thread.
Slip on your wrist and look down often to admire
I Hear You Singing To My Soul
key chain
Tools & Materials
2 buttons
sewing machine
needle and thread
key chain
small alphabet stamp
stamping ink
bird stamp
*cut 2 pieces of fabric 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" and stitch together
*sew a piece of lace along the bottom
on a small piece of lace, add a decorative button and attach to bottom right hand corner
*on a small square of fabric, stamp with bird stamp.  fray the edges of fabric and using sewing machine, sew on to key chain.
*fold a small strip of lace in half and attach to top of fabric, holding in place with a small decorative button
*attach key chain to lace loop & your house key & close to lock
*on a long thin strip of fabric, stamp a sentiment that is near and dear to your hear,
I chose " I hear you singing to my soul"
* cut out so that your sentiment is in separate words and sew each word onto the back of the key chain
clip on to your purse
or for me, my gathering bag
all ready to take on my walk & fill with found treasures
All the above can be found in the Winter 2013 issue of Belle Armoire "Sentimental Symbols"
~Have a wonderful weekend~
♥ D

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

the return of the finch
fluttering around our yard ...
a canopy of honeysuckle leaves
atop our pergola
that gets thicker by the day ...
clipped lilac blooms
can be found
changes in the garden daily
and always welcomed regulars
I laugh when I hear his squawking ... letting me know a peanut refill is in order
a little baking for this evenings desert
and stirring
and folding
some studio time
with gathered treasures
is a memory
of the heart
~Jean Baptiste Massieu~

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Musings ...

our lilac are in bloom
I have all the windows open to allow their heavenly scent to come inside
and the lily of the valley ...
one little plant, chosen because I wanted to make my son's high school graduation boutonniere, all those years ago, has now spread across the garden like wild fire, trying to come into the lawn.
gifts from the garden
and I had our first finch spotting this morning
with all the windows open, I followed his pretty song ...
what a thrill to find him singing happily
not in the lilac
but in our front garden
sitting happily in our purple sand cherry
and then taking a drink from the birdbath which sits below
a Robin flew by with an enormous amount of nesting material in her beak
I hope she decides on somewhere in our garden
to build her nest
I have been looking in the "usual places" but no nests started yet
for now,
I will  sip my tea
listen to Loreena McKennitt ~ the mystics dream
and inhale the sweet scent of lilac
Happy Monday
x D

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

No walk would be complete if I didn't return home
with my gathering bag
or pockets
holding a few found treasures.
acorns* stones* feathers* twigs* pinecones * flowers for pressing*
and walks with my grandson = double the treasures! He finds the most delightful nature gifts.
I've written before how he would always find heart shaped stones and give them to me ♥
A lovely collection was created in no time.
this one was particularly lovely...
not only is it one of the largest in my collection, but
it can be turned and creates a heart on 2 sides ~ me & him.
It sits on my meditation altar, with a gorgeous large white swan feather ~ a gift from my friend and fellow bird lover, Kim, bees wax candles, shells, sage for smudging, incense & inspirational words/thoughts.
And then there was an Owl Sighting.
 I tucked him into an almost finished painting which turned into Owl Spirit ~ "Messenger of change"

Have a wonderful Thursday ♥

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The long weekend ...

This is Durante
the little chipmunk that calls our garden
One of his favourite spots to sit is on the clay pot of Pansies
which is on one of our kitchen window ledges
making it easy to get some cute, quick, photos of him.
I think he must be use to seeing me with a camera by now
and is totally unfazed ... he just continues enjoying his snack.
We enjoyed a lovely long weekend here in Canada
and even though we saw our share of rain
we also saw our fair share of sunshine and warm winds.

I've been working on this hexagon blanket for a while now.
Each hexagon takes approx. 1/2 hour to make, and uses up very little wool.
Since I save just about everything ... this is perfect.

Even the tiniest bits of wool were tuned into something. When I looked at the little heap of wool clips I had beside me, like a little Sparrow, I started to twist and weave them together until I had formed a nest ♥

which grew large enough to hold 3 speckled eggs
just waiting for a little bird

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Texture Tuesdays ...

yellow ruffles
Kim Klassen Texture: Back In
Lots of rain and thunderstorms all through the night ~ beautiful sunshine this morning and a happy garden.
Linking with Texture Tuesday where the theme today is Yellow