{Posted from} Home

The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Home is where the heART is …


I am an  artist and illustrator who loves working with and exploring a variety of mediums, combining my love of painting and pen and ink on one page.
A dream seeker, gratitude finder, snail mail sender, tea drinking, tree hugger, I want my artwork to give the viewer a peek into my life ... earthy, peaceful, bohemian, authentic, multi-layered, joy filled and full of whimsy.
Nature is my inspiration, and when I'm not creating in my studio, I can be found on long walks with my Black Labrador Retriever Archer, camera in hand, taking pictures and enjoying all 4 gorgeous Seasons.
Sparrows play a continuous role in my life and therefore, my artwork.
My idea of the perfect day is spent in my Sparrow Studio, paint and paper in front of me, drinking copious amounts of tea ,  my faithful dog next to me, happily singing away to the music playing in the background.
I feel truly blessed at this stage of my life to be able to do what I am so passionate about.
I put my heart and soul into each piece of work I create ... I hope it touches yours xo
love & peace,
♥ Deb