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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fletcher the frog . . .

Scrolling through Instagram recently I came across all these adorable images of knitted frogs . . .  

each one made me smile at how they all had their own little personalities. Over the years I've knitted lots of things including toys - for my own children when they were tiny, as well as my grandchildren, but I've yet to make one that I've kept for myself. However, after knitting a few frogs to gift, I just had to make one for myself! 

I found a pattern I liked and winged the rest :-D. Since I spent my knitting time watching Murder She Wrote (a favourite show of mine since the 80's) I decided to name him Fletcher, after Jessica Fletcher. 

"There's an old lady who lives in my soul.

She loves to knit and drink tea"

Once Fletcher was knitted (oh, the cuteness!), I started on a pair of overalls
a jacket and a little gathering bag knapsack
"People just need to go back to the ancient crafts.

We should teach people to do whittling at school

or knitting"

-Phoebe Fox-

such a great quote and I totally agree. I've been knitting since I was 11. A neighbour who was very talented in the arts and had once owned her own bridal shop taught me to knit, crochet and embroider. She would bring out a basket of odds and ends of wool, left over from previous projects, needles and sit patiently as I started with the basics - casting on, garter stitch, moving on to purl, decrease & increase. Our grade 6 teacher had a wonderful idea that we could bring a project we were working on to class, so for me, it was a knitting project. 
... beautiful things come together . . .  one stitch at a time 
those knees . . .  those legs. . .  that tummy! 

 He's only 4" tall and the perfect size to pop into a suitcase and do some travelling :-) 
"Childhood may be over,
but that doesn't mean playtime is"
-Ron Olson-

Monday, September 19, 2022

A walk along the Avon . . .

A little get away to Stratford where we took in all the sights and sounds . . . 

It's been so nice to get back to enjoying live theatre and we took in three wonderful plays,

 walked along the Avon River

browsed through shops

enjoyed Art in the Park (so many talented local artists)


lots of happy bees
which made us happy to spot . . . 
Church bells 
 & beautiful cool breezes 
I love finding a little free library ...
wild flowers
and visits with favourite willow trees! 
Happy Monday
d x