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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

a great simplicity . . .

In the garden today ... so much beauty to be found in a simple skeleton leaf 
the doves have been moving about in the garden . . .  I am hoping that they will not choose the eaves to nest this year and will return to a spot in our backyard pergola which is nice and protected from the elements. This pretty little feather was found in the grass.
Missing my Archer . . .  and not sure if it's because he is always in my thoughts, but this stone looked just like him . . .  and then the heart shaped stone beside him . . . 

"When you seek love with all your heart,

you shall find its echoes in the Universe"

This nest has been in our Maple tree for ages and I was so surprised to find it on the front lawn this morning! And while I grabbed the camera to take some photos, I looked up to see a gorgeous Starling weaving a strip of wild reed. It was absolutely fascinating to watch as she flew up and down to pull it . . . nature is absolutely awe inspiring! 

"Nature has great simplicity

and therefore

a great beauty"

~Richard Feynman~ 

 And while eating breakfast this morning, I noticed this perfectly formed heart shape in the bark of our lilac tree! Love and beauty right under our nose.

~happy Saturday~

d xo

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Spring forward . . .

because the soul
needs to fly

Is there anything more charming than a swing? Especially an old, wooden, well loved swing, hanging from an old and very loved tree!  Those were my thoughts as I painted Daydreaming . . .  because what better place to daydream than on a swing. 

"Cling, swing, Spring, sing,
Swing up into the apple tree"
-T.S. Eliot-

"Grown ups are complicated creatures, 
full of quirks and secrets"
-Roald Dahl-

Friday, March 12, 2021

Signs of Spring . . .

There is something so lovely about spotting the first Robin ~ we have one in our garden & then spotted one walking. Although we still have snow, it's melting away quickly due to  very mild , sunny and windy  days. It feels like Spring.  

 Have a wonderful weekend.
deb xo

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Pussy Willow Legend . . .

The first Spring blooms in our garden are that of the Pussy Willow. This year we had the time to cut them nice and early while the catkins were still tiny. Three hours later, I had filled two urns with clusters of furry catkins, created a wreath for both garden gates and still had a potting table filled to the brim.

I carried an armload inside (wedding bouquet style) ;-) and started decorating .  The tallest branches went into one of our antique crocks that sits by the fireplace and the shorter ones I turned into our Easter themed "kitchen tree". Little tiny eggs I painted last year and attached twine to were hung here and there. The eggs are so tiny that in order to paint them I had to rest them in the cap from the acrylic paint.


bumble bees

nests and eggs
and of course. . .  a bunny - paying homage to my  Cinders.

I love folk lore and recently read a Pussy Willow legend I had never heard before but one I will share with my grandsons when I give them their little pussy willow bundles.  
It goes like this ...
Pussy Willow
According to an old Polish legend, a mother cat was crying at the bank of a river in which her young kittens were drowning. They had fallen into the river while playing and chasing butterflies.
The Willows at the rivers edged longed to help them, so they swept their long graceful branches into the water.  The kittens gripped the branches tightly and were safely brought to shore.
Each springtime since, goes the legend, the Willow branches sprout tiny fur-like buds at their tips where the kittens once clung. 

Now that I have read the legend, I will have to paint a little kitten egg to add to the Easter tree :-D

Happy Tuesday
deb xo

Monday, March 8, 2021

International Women's Day

 The Branching Tree
{#30 in my Women of the Woods Series} 

There's a story in the trees that tells
of generations past.
Of roots that spread across the ground 
that are wide and strong and vast.

As told by ancient Mother dear
to branches down below.
The honored place that she has reached
preserving what she knows.

Maiden * Mother * Crone we know
preserve the family lore.
With steadfast branches at the top
to shoots that share the same core.

For under the crone's cloak of branches and vine
holds more than the eye can see.
Wisdom learned and status earned
from the founding member of the family tree.
~deb dunn~

Happy International Women's Day

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Hands & Heart . . .

I haven't walked along the beach for what seems like ages ... not wanting to leave Archer alone at home.

I can hardly believe that it has almost been 2 weeks since his passing. We are missing him terribly!

 Now, when I sit down at my art table, it's beach scenes that pour out of me.

Perhaps it's all the shades of blue that I find soothing . . .or  the motion of waves and clouds .
"I believe art is utterly important.

It is one of the things that could save us"

~Mary Oliver~
Yesterday was a baking day. I looked through my "baking binder" and decided on cheese biscuits to have with supper, lemon cakes, and custard squares. Forgot to take a photo of the custard squares . . . ended up going for a long walk once everything was out of the oven and all the dishes were done and after tasting all the above mentioned goodies :-) 
I had re-filled all the feeders early in the morning, and the birds (and squirrels) kept me company as I rolled, whisked, mixed and stirred. Lots of bird "couples" arriving daily now, the doves, the cardinals, and a sweet little pair of chickadees that have been showing lots of interest in one of our bird houses.
The stream of sunshine pouring through the kitchen window is deceiving ... the garden is still full of snow and it was bitterly cold outside. 

"To be creative

means to be in love with life.

You can be creative only if you love life enough

that you want to embrace its beauty,

you want to bring more music to it,

a little more poetry to it,

a little more dance to it"


 Hope you are having a weekend filled with beauty!

d x

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The great mystery . . .

"Everyone knows what art is, except the artist.

The artist, apparently, does not have to seek the ultimate ends of art

so much as the means to continue working.

Each time he paints, he must find confidence in himself,

believe in his instinct, without knowing how it will turn out"

~Philip Guston~ 

"There are four things in
this life that will change you.
The first three will keep you wild
and full of passion.
May you allow the last
to make you brave"
~Erin Van Vuren~ 

A big canvas, well loved and used brushes, and jars of February's Full Moon infused water.
"The heart knows the way.

Sometimes it takes you to a certain place

other than the one you had planned,

and there you receive a signal,

you get a chance to experience

synchronicity and so you learn to trust

the guidance of the great mystery"

~Sri Prem Baba~ 
Blessed to live & paint near the shores of  beautiful Lake Ontario 
As above , so below 

Monday, March 1, 2021

The first of March ...


The first morning walk without Archer. I took the same route we usually walked, yet nothing seemed the same. I can hardly believe it has been a week already. 

"there is no pain so great

as the memory of joy

in present grief"

When I came home, I puttered a bit in the garden. Over the weekend, we saw many birds stop at the feeders. The turtle doves have returned and happily cooing. The cardinal couple in their gorgeous red jackets and a pair of black capped chickadees investigating one of our bird houses which was really exciting! One went in and then back out as the squirrels were chasing each other along the fence. Hoping they will return and nest here. I have the perfect view outside my kitchen window if they do!

The pussy willow is ready to be cut but there's still too much snow in the garden to safely stand on a ladder. Such a lovely first sign of moving into Spring. Soon, all my garden urns will be filled to the brim with willow branches.