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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tuesday thoughts . . .

Very grateful to have another painting included in the Digipop Artist Profile Project by Steve Martin.

Steve has tucked me into the arms of my painting Woodland Spirit . . .  I am very quiet as not to wake sleeping fox :-) His Digipop creations of other artists as well as his own spectacular art can be found on Instagram.

"The most courageous and spectacular and phenomenal creative work we will do

 is to shape the life we are living.

 Impossible to do this 

without mess and failure and pain and fear and vulnerability.

 Time to get our hands dirty.

-Allison Fallon-

I worked on a few wall hangings over the weekend ~ they are a combination of painted wood panel * macrame * beads * twine * various embellishments*dried flowers * and driftwood. Each one unique.
The weather over this past long May 24 weekend was absolutely spectacular and most of it was spent in our garden. I had hoped to photograph the wall hangings in the garden but the wind and sun left too many shadows. They did look pretty hanging in the lilac bush though :-) This particular hanging has a little sparrow because . . .  well, I will tuck a sparrow in anywhere I can! 
The lily-of-the-valley is in bloom and taking over a huge part of the garden. It's hard to believe that I bought *one* plant many years ago, the Summer before my son was graduating from High School as I knew that I wanted to create his boutonniere. We will have little vases of lily-of-the-valley and lilac all over our home while they are both in bloom. It's his 32nd Birthday in a few months and I am going to pot up some of these "good memory" plants so he can plant them on his farm where they'll have lots of room to spread! 
The Hummingbirds have returned and what a surprise that was to see them in the lilac bush! Normally they return when our trumpet vine is in bloom. Hummingbird feeders have now been scrubbed clean, and water/sugar syrup made hoping they will be regular visitors. 
After not having seen a chipmunk in the garden for a while, it was lovely to spot this little love enjoying a peanut.  

We've named him Toby. We also spotted the most gorgeous pair of Cedar Waxwings sitting in our flowering pear tree yesterday as we were having our dinner in the garden! Also an early spotting for them. 

 And then there's the Peony! The buds are swelling more and more by the day. Lots and lots of ants covering them, nudging them to open. We have two Peony bushes, One coral and the other pale pink. The coral normally blooms a week or two before the pink but this year they look as though they will bloom at the same time. Peony days are so short lived that I will be savouring every minute! 

~happy Tuesday from my corner of the world~

d xo

Friday, May 21, 2021

Your life is your canvas . . .

"An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world"-George Santayana-

Thrilled to be part of the Digipop Artist Profile Project.
Artist Steve Martin very creatively digitally places artists into their paintings!
Steve created 3 wonderful images for me, I think this is my favourite. Mother Earth, trees and birds.

~Have a wonderful, safe, long weekend~
d x

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Canvas brush roll ...

I really will paint on *anything* and love one-of-a-kind items that are both useful and unique.  With that idea, I've painted a few canvas brush rolls. This is the smaller version at 7.5" x 15.5" fully opened 

"The object isn't to make art.

It's to be in a marvelous state

which makes art inevitable"

~Robert Henri~
Cabbage roses and Hydrangea on one half * Nest and eggs on the other
"You don't decide to be an artist.

Art gets inside you. It's like falling in love"

~Carmen Herrera~
You can choose which side you want to reveal depending on how you roll the canvas.

Rope cording keeps everything nice and snug. Perfect for taking to art classes * for plein air painting * or to give as a gift for the artist in your life!

"The more you like yourself

the less you are like

anyone else"

~Walt Disney~
8 pockets inside to tuck in your brushes, pens, pencils safe and sound 

"She's got everything she needs,

she's an artist

she doesn't look back.

She can take the darkness out of the nighttime

and paint the daytime black"

~Bob Dylan~ 

* dove update : Day 5 ~  lots of lovely cooing from her partner who sits on the roof watching her. I was able to catch a quick glimpse of one white egg as she re-arranged herself in the nest. It was all very quick but I was thrilled as I have been hoping to spot eggs. There have been some Grackle that have been hoovering around the branches near her nest that are a concern. The honeysuckle vine is filling out nicely providing a bit more coverage and camouflage. Weather has been gorgeous , not too hot and no rain in the forecast. 
~happy Tuesday~ 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

When the Dove's away . . .

Had a little peek outside my studio window and was so surprised to see the nest empty.

After two days of watching the Doves building their nest, Mama Dove sitting on it, re-arranging the twigs that Papa Dove brought, it was a shock to see it left unattended.  I looked in the back garden expecting to see them below the feeders eating, but they weren't there either.
When the Dove's away . . . 

Each time I passed by the window, I had a peek hoping to see her. 

Once there were two black birds having a nose around with their beaks, and then they flew away. The next time I looked, Mr. Squirrel was sitting in it eating a walnut!

Thankfully, he stepped out of it , finished the walnut and left without damaging the nest.

 Back where she belongs. Safe and sound. Papa Dove is on the roof cooing away. All is well!
~happy Sunday~

Friday, May 14, 2021

Returning ...

The Doves nest in our garden every year.

We often wonder what spot they will choose ... no matter where it is, I always worry about them.... when it's hot, windy, rainy... I check on them throughout the day to make sure all is well.

This year it will be a little easier to keep tabs on them as they have chosen to nest in the arbor above our garden gate which is directly below my second storey studio space!
After hearing coos for most of the morning, into the afternoon yesterday, I suspected that nesting was going to take place there. They sat for a while, left, then returned... some preening went on ... they left again and the next time they returned, got busy with building! 
When both had left the nest to eat and have a drink in the back garden, I removed the screen from one of the windows to get a better look.

My Nikon is sitting on the desk all ready as I am hoping to document all the excitement! 

In the past, I always said a Dove's nest is built on three twigs and a prayer, but I take that back having watched Papa Dove fly back and forth consistently. It's day 2 and he has been very busy usually bringing back one twig at a time, tucking it underneath Mama Dove who then rearranges it :-)
I'm in absolute love and awe and may get nothing done, for as soon as the cooing starts I am up and at the window!
"I say Love, and the world populates itself with doves"

~Pablo Neruda~

My friend Jane told me that legend says,  Doves nest beside a home that holds great love inside and that made me so happy! 

"A song fluttered down in the form of a dove,

and it bore me a message,

the one word ~ love"

~Paul Laurence Dunbar~ 
"The dove, on silver pinions, winged her peaceful way"

~James Montgomery~

 "And there my little doves did sit

with feathers softly brown.

And glittering eyes

that showed their right

to general Nature's deep delight"

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning~ 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Morning moments in May ...

As early as 5 am, I hear the birds singing ... one of the lovely signs of Spring.

And as the sun rises the birds appear in the garden eager for their breakfast. At the moment we have lots of "bird couple" regulars . . .  cardinals, doves, thrush, jays, woodpeckers, red winged blackbirds, starlings and sparrows. Every once in a while a" new " bird will appear and I reach for the IPad to quickly google . . . 
Quiet morning moments . . . tea, meditation, journaling, yoga
Candlelight is the only light

"You can be both soft and intense.

Both traditional and rebellious.

Both vulnerable and strong.

Both romantic and realistic.

Both feminine and oceanic,

yet filled with slow* burning*fire.

There is possibility inside of paradox.

There's a universe of different perceptions"

~Victoria Erickson~ 
tree hugging
how absolutely gorgeous is this tree!
It reminds me of a family reunion, all intertwined, arms outstretched. . .  how I long for when we will all be able to do this again ( we may never let go) ;-) 
"You are not separate from nature. 

We are all part of the One life

 that manifests itself

 in countless forms

 throughout the Universe,

 forms that are completely interconnected.

When you recognize the sacredness,

 the beauty, the incredible stillness and dignity

 in which a flower or a tree exists, 

you add something to the flower or the tree.

Through your recognition,

 your awareness,

 nature too comes to know itself.

 It comes to know

 it's own beauty and sacredness

 through you"

~Eckhart Tolle~ 

 "Simply be who you are,

do what you do best,

be where you are called by joy,

and let life work its magic

on your behalf"

~Alan Cohen~

~happy Wednesday~

d x