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Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas Wishes

May the Spirit of Christmas fill your heart

Thank you for all your visits & lovely comments.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas
and Love, Luck and Laughter
for 2022!
d xo 


Monday, December 6, 2021

Hello December . . .

December ... that time of year when Vintage Sparrow Studio shares space with Mrs. Claus :-D

Home made Christmas gifts are always on the "list".  I've made these Santas for years and they always make me smile.  This year they were all painted on driftwood.  I had collected so many lovely pieces on morning lake walks, so they all hold wonderful memories too.  Once painted, I added a teeny tiny hook, red and white twine and a coffee stained, hand stamped Merry Christmas tag. On the back of each tag I wrote a favourite holiday quote .
This past weekend our grandson was marching with his Scout's group in the Santa Claus parade.

Our family, all bundled up, lined along the path, waving and cheering. Seeing Santa through the eyes of our grandsons, our children watching their children with beaming smiles and our grandpups in tartan bows . . .  THAT is what it's all about! xo 
Morning devotional * meditation * journaling and tea 

I've been bundling up and having my first cup of tea on our back porch and it has been such a lovely way to start the day. 
A page from an older journal. . . 
Making tags and cards from one of my Santa paintings . . . 
Pure joy . . . 
Tinker has made his appearance and sits happily on the stairs waiting for grandsons . . . 
And the most lovely surprise this past Friday when our daughter came down on the train to spend the weekend. We crammed everything we could in the time we had together . . .  lots of walks, Christmas shopping, cooking, baking, a walk down to the lake to take in the Festival of Lights, Santa Claus parade, Christmas movies and laughs!!!

Happy Monday 
d xo