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Monday, June 27, 2022

AWP #34 .....

Art in the Workplace  Exhibit #34
is on now at McMaster Innovation Park.
From June 22 - October 26 2022.

I am thrilled to have had two pieces of art accepted into this wonderful juried exhibition.

Always grateful to have an incredible space like the Atrium at Innovation Park to showcase and support the art of local artists!

The two pieces I entered are titled Knowing & Cinco.

Both measure 10"W x 8"H , 1"D
Painted on acid free paper with Acrylics, mounted on cradled board and varnished with a  UV protective varnish.  

They can be viewed in person at
The Atrium
McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Road South
Hamilton, Ontario 



Happy Monday!
d xo

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Index card a day . . .

I've been participating in a fun little art challenge .

A creative on-line challenge founded by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow in May 2011  although I only just read about it.

An index card a day for 61 days. 3" x 5" or maximum size 4" x 6".  I could only find the 4" x 6" sized cards and for me, they are ideal. I think I would have found the 3" x 5" cards a bit too small. 

I haven't been following any daily themes, just taking a card each day and painting intuitively. 

So far I've painted 25 . . .  36 to go :-)  flowers * portraits * landscapes * seascapes * bees * butterflies * hearts * nests *  each card has a favourite quote on the back.

Each day on my Instagram account, I post the card I've painted that day. Please stop by if you want to have a look! 

little one

"May my heart always be open to little birds 

who are the secrets of living"

-e. e. cummings-
you can't measure love

"We loved with a love

that was more

than love"

-Edgar Allan Poe-
take time to smell the roses

"The world is but a canvas 

to our imagination"

-Henry David Thoreau-
wild child

"live in the sunshine,

swim the sea,

drink the wild air"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Wild child is one of my favourites and it was only once I uploaded the photo that I spotted her elfin ears! What a wonderful, serendipitous find that was . . . 


"I suppose I am a Sparrow,

a stay-at-home bird"

-Gladys Taber-

another favourite ... because ... well ... a Sparrow ;-) 

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Saturday! 

d xo 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Inspiration boards .....

Have you ever created an  Inspiration/ vision board? 

Sat with piles of old magazines, scissors and glue sticks, tearing out images and words that spoke to you?  

I came across some images of a few inspiration boards I've created over the years as I was looking through photos this morning.  The first image was the bulletin board that hung above my computer desk in my studio years ago. Photos and quotes that spoke to me were thumb tacked on the board until there was no room left ;-).

I still have this board, created June 2010.

Each and every image still speaks to me! 
I started a new Summer Sketchbook yesterday ( in honor of Summer Solstice) and I think a little "inspiration" collage page will be added next to my Summer wish list. 

"You are never too old

to set new goals

or to dream

a new dream"

-C.S. Lewis-
Happy Summer!

d xo

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

June . . .

Such a lovely way to start the day . . . 

the serenity of  a lake walk noticing butterflies * bees * squirrels * swans * ducks and geese * a pair of red cardinals splashing about * wildflowers * and the sound of the birds

I followed this gorgeous tiger swallowtail for a while

The squirrels never fail to entertain . . .  this little love was enjoying breakfast and keeping cool :-) 

I've been on "peony watch" these past few days knowing that in the blink of an eye the Peony will go from tight little buds to big huge pom pom like blooms and the season will be over.

They are always worth the wait and never disappoint!

After a very heavy rain fall I switched the lens on my Nikon to the Macro and took some photos.

Once the sun came out and dried the flowers, I snipped a few to put in our sunroom.

They always need a good little shake to make sure all the ants leave the blooms and stay in the garden where they belong!

I'm not a crystal vase kind of girl . . .  it's jam jars for me and my favourite are the large Bonne Maman jars that I save. Nice and tall and perfect for the Peony.

 Happy Wednesday 
d xo