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Friday, June 11, 2021

Artscape . . . A Leaf for Life

So happy to share the  1st of some exciting happenings here at Sparrows Studio this month.

Last month  I received notification that I had been chosen as 1 of 50 local artists to participate in "Burlington Artscape" a city wide fundraiser for Joseph Brant Hospital. 50 artists creating 50 one of a kind pieces of outdoor art that will be available  for  purchase at a cost of $750.00  with 100% of proceeds going to the hospital. Honored to, in my own humble way , be able to  support our local hospital with this community project during these unprecedented times. 

I picked up my fabulous canvas - a 4 foot aluminum laser cut Maple leaf! It's already been primed, but I need to wait a few more days for it to cure before I can begin painting. I have a few ideas floating about,  but only until I begin will I know where it takes me ;-). 

Once all 50 leaves are handed back in, they will be sealed and then  a " leaf art path"  will be created on the property of Grace United Church, Burlington Ontario  August 8, 15 & 22 for public display. All very exciting!

 "there is too much good in you

for you to not let goodness be

who and what you are . . . 

and there is too much beautiful in you

for you to not let beautiful be who

and what you are . . . 

and there is too much fire and passion

and magic and art and love in you

for you to not let it all be 

who and what you are"

-butterflies rising-


Unknown said...

Congratulations: I am so very happy for you............Much love

Unknown said...

C ongratulations.
So very proud to read this.

Deb said...

Thank you so much!