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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Dance of Life ...

wild flowers sway...
branches bend ...
bunnies hop ...
birds fly ...
clouds shift ...
~the dance of life~
Noticing all these lovely subtle seasonal changes on our woodland walk today.
Warm with a gentle breeze ~ everything seems to be perking up and awakening from their wintery slumber ♥
Our beautiful flag moving ever so slightly as a trio of seagulls flew by.
Billowy clouds shifting space in the sky ... the  gentle sways of reeds and wild flowers ... watching the branches of trees as we walked by and noticing the every so gentle bending ... and wonderful surprises spotted of bunnies with their powder puff tails as they hopped through fields enjoying the sprouting of new march grass growth.
~the dance of life~

the journey of
who you were
who you are becoming,
is where
the dance of life

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

On National Puppy Day,
how could I write about anything on my
Thankful {things I love} Thursday post
other than my Archer ♥

Dogs have a way
of finding the people
who need them,
filling an emptiness
we don't even know
we have
~Thom Jones~
...not a "puppy" in years, but age is just a # number # :-D
Archer handed out some treats to his friends to celebrate ♥

Everyone thinks
have the best dog.
none of them
are wrong
~W.R. Purche~
Happy National Puppy Day to all our 4 legged friends
from me and Archer

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I smell snow xo

I was hoping for "just one more" snow fall and oh boy were my wishes granted!!
Once it started, it continued until everything was covered in a lovely thick blanket of white.
We made sure that all the feeders were filled to the brim, and that there were lots of little shelters carved out for all our garden friends xo
and then we enjoyed!
Prints left in the snow let us know that squirrels, lots of birds, and our garden bunnies had stopped by.
The Robins still visited :-D
We bundled up and took lots of lovely long snowy walks taking in every last little flake ...
and when we got home,
watched one of our favourite Gilmore Girl episodes ...Love and War and Snow
where Lorelai says a few  of my favourite snowy words ...
"Wait, close your eyes and breathe.
I smell snow"
"When it snows, I feel like it's a present just for me".
~I totally agree Lorelai ... I totally agree!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Full Worm Moon

~Moon of the Changing Seasons~

Change with the Seasons.
Embrace new growth and shed what no longer serves you...
Like the cycles of a tree.

Go barefoot...
feel the soil between your toes...
Like the roots of a tree.

Feel the warmth of the sun
on your skin...
Like the bark of a tree.

Allow your hair to move carefree
with the changing direction of the wind...
Like the leaves of a tree.

Sway your arms and legs
and dance...
Like the branches of a tree.

Stretch high and wide
branch out...
Like the limbs of a tree.

Let not the space you are in define you,
but the space that lies within you,
own your space ...
Like the constitution of a tree.
~deb dunn~

My deep love and respect for Nature, along with calm woodland walks with my dog listening to the sweet serenades of the Sparrow served as my muse for the © Women of the Woods Series.

Moon of the Changing Seasons is #7 in the series.
Being a tree lover & tree hugger my entire life, it will come as no surprise that many of the women in my paintings are 'tree spirit' created ♥By that I mean, you will find a deep connection between nature and woman ... branches for hair ... a woven nest holding eggs {often 3} will be tightly nestled in between branches ... twists and turns and curves in her form ... & while allowing herself to move with the ebb and flow of life, you will spot her firmly rooted feet ♥ embracing the sacred earth around her.

On my daily woodland walks with my sweet black Labrador retriever Archer, I always return home filled with inspiration. The trees and open spaces, walking paths, bird song, chipmunks, rabbits, and on occasion, deer!
I gather stones {usually heart shaped} and twigs to paint or weave between branches.
Having been known to carry large fallen branches home :-D, they now adorn the wall of Sparrow Studio.
Depending on  the Season, pine cones and/acorns will be gathered by the handful to fill bowls in our home and  create gifts with.
Mother Nature is such a generous teacher/giver.

It meant so much to me recently, when a dear kindred spirit reached out and spoke to me regarding using {the above painting}  Moon of the Changing Seasons as the image for her own on line journal business.

I have known Lesley since the very early days of blogging & always loved stopping by  to read her blog ~  small meadow press.

Lesley is the creator of 2 other gorgeous on line journals ~ Wisteria Sunshine &; Rosehip Business.

Rosehip Business is a wonderful new offering for those of us who are creating and maneuvering  our own business adventures.

Sister site Wisteria &;Sunshine
combines the joys of daily life, going through the changing of seasons as we nurture our home, garden, self care &; the Earth.

The words, images, quotes, excerpts from  books {my list of to-read books has grown thanks to Lesley's suggestions} , all  placed in easy to navigate "rooms"  combined with a generous amount of gorgeous print outs, Lesley has truly created 2 havens .

For those who walk softly upon the Earth ...a spot where  kindred spirits can gather to share and support one another.

I carve out time to just sit quietly with a cup of tea and savor all that Lesley has so beautifully created. It is obvious upon the first visit, that Lesley feels deeply about all she writes about and shares from her own home/ haven.

How fitting that I sit this afternoon and write this post as we welcome Full Worm Moon ~  when the moon is at her most powerful and filled with gifts and blessings.

Information and detail on membership can be found here:

Full Moon Blessings,
deb xo

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”  
~Ming -Dao Deng~