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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

What a wonderful surprise I had the other day, when I found the latest Stampers' Sampler
magazine poking out of my mailbox.
A few of my watercolour envelopes were inside.
I love creating these ~ they are super easy and make sending a note to a friend & loved one just that little bit more special ♥
All you need are a few Manila envelopes, watercolours & favourite stamps. I use the pages of damaged books that I've picked up at garage sales and charity shops to create in a lot of my art work, and for the envelopes, they were turned into flower petals, leaves  and hearts :-D
Embellish with some ribbon and buttons and slip a lovely handwritten note inside xo
I am so Thankful to  have my work published in this amazing magazine! 
can transform
common days
routine jobs
into joy
and change
ordinary opportunities
into blessings
~William Arthur Ward~

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gardening Helper...

Every leaf
speaks bliss to me
fluttering from
the Autumn tree
~Emily Bronte~
Happy Autumn!
My favourite Season ...
crisp air
comfort food
wool sweaters
country drives
leaves twirling in the air
dinner by a roaring fire
long walks with the crunch of leaves underfoot
fall fairs
candy apples
hot chocolate
flannel sheets
hot water bottles
pumpkins & gourds
I love it all ♥♥♥
*I am such an Autumn Girl*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Serenity...

 I love to think of Nature
as having unlimited broadcasting stations
through with God speaks to us
every hour
and every moment
of our lives
if we will only tune in
and remain so
~George Washington~
This adorable little chipmunk was playing a game of hide and seek with me on a recent walk through the woods with Archer :-)
I spotted him, walked up a little closer to take his picture, and he would hide in one of the nooks and crannies of this fallen oak tree.  I never knew where he would poke his little head up again :-)
Patience paid off though, and I managed to get a few really cute photos of him

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Receptacle ...

Ah ... September.
Moving into my favourite season ~ Autumn.
This past weekend, we were at a Craft Show and spotted PUMPKINS at each fruit stand we passed ♥
The garden urns have had their Summer plants removed and replaced with Burgundy Chrysanthemums. I am just itching to get out the Scarecrows & decorate the wheel barrow with bales of hay & stalks of corn :-) 
We also went to see WAR HORSE - the most magnificent show I've seen in a long time! Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, I am looking forward to reading the book.
I've had horses on the brain ever since & was thrilled to find a lovely rusty horseshoe for sale at the craft show.  Not sure where to hang it yet, maybe on the fireplace mantle with the open side upward for luck :-)
We  saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" at the movies.  I loved this movie. It was sweet and funny and you left the theater feeling good.  The cinematography was stunning!

 This gorgeous spiders web was created on our front porch.
What a work of art!
The artist
is a receptacle
for the emotions that come
from all over the place:
from the sky,
from the Earth,
from a scrap of paper,
from a passing shape,
from a
Spider's web.
~Pablo Picasso~