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Monday, September 21, 2020

that Fall feeling ...

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. Cool mornings, warm afternoons and even cooler evenings perfect for staying home and being cozy.  I've filled a large wicker basket with crocheted afghans and a few favourite blankets to snuggle up with in the evening watching a bit of tv or reading.

I've got that Fall feeling!
Putting away some of the summer garden items and bringing out the Scarecrows.
I can never resist picking up leaves as I walk. Our Maple tree will drop lots in the next few weeks so I won't have to go far to have leaves to twist into little leaf roses.
Our garden has been filled with birds and birdsong. We've had a variety of Sparrows, Crows, Black capped chickadees, Yellow Finch, Woodpeckers, Carolina Wren, Nuthatch,  Blue Jays and  Doves.  Found the nest sweet Dove abandoned on a vicious stormy night, inside were 2 perfect little eggs. She made the nest in the eaves and was totally exposed. She'd nested there before and we could not believe that she was able to fit inside let alone babies, but that time all was well and when I would head out in the morning to walk with Archer, I would see tiny little heads poking up as I said my Good Mornings to them.
Our garden is looking pretty wild at this point - which is how we love it! Watching the bees and birds at the still blooming flowers and nibbling at the dried seeds is food for the soul. 

 "I acknowledge my feelings 

and gratitude for life 

by praising the world

 and who ever made

 all these things" 

~Mary Oliver~

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