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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Spirit & Sage ...

I keep a piece of (recycled) cardboard on my Art table to sit underneath the paper I'm painting.
It's the cardboard backing from the art paper pad, saved once all the paper has been used.
Over the years, the cardboard has picked up lots of brush strokes.
They always looked like little pieces of art to me, so I saved them.
At one time, I thought about framing them just as they were.
Looking at two of the pieces, I could distinctly see images of horses.
I seem to be thinking "horses" lately!
Not wanting to loose any detail gathered, I simply and organically painted ...
no sketching, very little use of a paintbrush, preferring to use my finger tips ...
simply following what I could instinctually see already there.
I love that within the image, you can see all the "imperfections" gathered over months and months and many, many paintings that have been on top.  This particular piece of cardboard had a crease in it. It looks as though Spirit herself caused it as she galloped! 
She is a wild one
they said
Has crazy thoughts
dancing in her head.

Doesn't go softly
runs, never walks
Will only tell you the truth
when she talks.

She's her own 
kind of breed.
Not a follower ...
only wants to lead.

In her chest
beats a heart of gold.
But as kind as she is
you know, she won't be told.

Never stays
where she doesn't belong.
If you don't treat her right,
she'll be gone.

Her wild mane
dancing in the night.
Mind, body, spirit,
guided by moonlight.
~deb dunn~ 

And then I painted Sage
A print for those who are loving and embracing their crone years (as I am) will enthusiasm, gratitude and joy! Loving the freedom being in my 60's brings!! 
They call her
by the name of Sage
She's reached
that magical, crone age.

A mane of silver
flows down her back
Along the way,
she's left many, deep tracks.

Never would she have imagined
the freedom she'd have at this time
Walking the smooth path now,
no more mountains to climb.

Wasting no time on regrets or disappointments
there's nothing to resent.
Her mindset now is to focus
on what makes her happy and content.

Youth felt still
within her heart
Wisdom of age
Sets her apart.
~deb dunn~
~happy long weekend blessings~
d xo

from paper to stone

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