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Friday, October 1, 2021

Hello October . . .

Happy 1st day of October ... 

There was talk of a frost but thankfully that didn't happen. I have seeds to collect, and plants ( Coleus and Geraniums)  to take out of their baskets, re-pot and winter over.

The feeders have all been given a good scrub and getting ready for cooler weather feeding.

Along with the woodpeckers, we've had a pair of Flickers in the garden daily. They've provided endless entertainment as they twirl around the trees gathering bugs :-) 
Oak trees and Acorns - bliss!  I can never resist gathering acorns and will have bowls filled with them in no time.
The cosmos are still blooming in our garden ... lots to still cut a few for inside
The colours of Autumn take my breath away!
Outside decorating has been completed with the exception of our large wooden scarecrows that still sit in the attic ... they will come down this weekend. 
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Autumn day!

Have a wonderful weekend.

D x

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