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Monday, September 20, 2021

Weekend memories ...

We were lucky to have wonderful weather all weekend long.

On Saturday, it was our Art Show on the beach, and we arrived early, found a beautiful tree and view of the Lake and set up our table. It was wonderful to chat with fellow artists , some I had already met before during the three weekends we participated in Burlington Artscape Leaf Fundraiser for Joseph Brant Hospital.  Lynda Jones who co-ordinated the event, had a multi-generational tent with original art pieces created by herself, her husband Dennis, nephew and daughter Tracy who brought along her guitar and played beautifully throughout the afternoon.
Mid-afternoon my family surprised me with a visit :-)  and we ended the day with Hutch's fish and chips and ice cream for desert, making it a truly beautiful day!
On Sunday, we celebrated a family Birthday at one of our favourite parks.

During Covid, we've been getting very creative and family picnics have been one way we can all be together, keeping a safe distance ... picnic tables ... blankets spread out ,,, all our favourite foods ,,,, 

So lovely to have everyone together ~ our kids, their significant others, and grandsons  ... and of course... grandpups! 
Our newest grandpup who we are lovingly referring to as "baby Archer" melted our heart
Axel is our son Alex's  black labrador retriever and an absolute gem. We even managed to get some time to ourselves with him and went for a little walk through the park! Archer loved this park and most weekends were spent there with him so it holds lots of wonderful memories. We've never had a puppy, all three of our labs were adopted at older ages... but we couldn't help but see all of them in Axel. 

Welcome to the family sweet Axel xxxx


Sandi said...

Your little grandpuppy looks plum tuckered out!

Deb said...

hi Sandy ~ 5 grandsons will do that :-) he actually fell asleep as my son held him.