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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wearing many hats ...

It's finally cool enough to wear my Connor handmade wool hat which I am totally in love with!
I had done my research prior to purchase and chose Connor hats for more than just looks.
Their commitment to the environment, no single use plastics, cruelty free merino sheep wool and for every hat sold, 12 trees are planted to name a few. It even has a tiny little "secret pocket" inside the brim which appeals to the whimsical, quirky side of me ;-)
It's crushable and waterproof with a high UPF protection so I can tuck it in my bike basket and when I get to where I'm riding to, switch out my helmet for my hat!

"If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes,
she should take care to do it in a very smart hat"
-George Bernard Shaw-

Always at least one heart shaped stone waiting

Breathing in, I calm my body

Breathing out, I smile

Dwelling in this present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment 

4 wheels move the body


2 wheels move the soul

happy Sunday
d x 


Sandi said...

Cool hat :)

Happy Sunday!

Deb said...

thanks Sandi!
Have a great day!

Chrissie said...

Hi, collecting heart shaped pebbles is something I love to do. I see them everywhere when I walk on the beach and have to be selective 😊. Really enjoying your posts. X

Deb said...

Hi Chris ~ thank you! love heart shaped treasures and of course, hunting for hag stones along Brighton Beach ... looking forward to doing that again with you soon xo