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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Artistic direction . . .

I've been finding all these little story telling vignettes within my abstract painting pieces lately.

They have really taken me by surprise as I paint them very free flowing, often turning the paper around as I go, so to find distinct shapes in the end result is quite serendipitous! 

Like this one, where there was a group of friends gathering.

"Even abstract shapes must have a likeness"

-Willem De Kooing-
"I am searching for abstract ways

of expressing reality,

abstract forms 

that will enlighten

my mystery"

-Eric Cantona-
And then there was this man ... making waves in his boat as he headed towards shore ... waving at his love waiting :-) 

"In every landscape

there should reside

jewels of abstract art

waiting to be discovered"

-Melissa Brown-

These are the images I'm seeing... perhaps you see something else ... I'd love to know! 
Have a wonderful day,
d x 

 "Nothing is more abstract

than reality"

-Giorgio Morandi-


Sandi said...

I like this Impressionism.

Deb said...

thanks Sandi ~ something a little different :-)