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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crystal snowflakes ...

Because of the ice making walking tricky,
we haven't been on our regular hikes with Archer ...
as we headed out yesterday
into an area that is still dealing with ice (twice the size of the branches it clings to)
we were more aware of our surroundings than usual ...
the warmth of the sun created an eerie crackling as we walked...
it was like having crystal chandeliers over you
we were surprised to hear the sound of a few tiny chickadees
but always carry a small container  of seed with us in case ♥
looking through a curtain of icy branches to the running stream below ...
signs of walkers and snowmobilers  before us ...
and lots of sweet paw prints xo
Archer met up with lots of doggie friends all happy to be out
I think I take a photo of this nest every time I pass :-)
it has withstood the elements ...
what a testament to the way it was built!
keeping those still without power in our thoughts & prayers ♥
lakes and rivers,
clouds and winds,
stars and flowers,
stupendous glaciers
crystal snowflakes,
every form of animate
or inanimate existence
leaves its impress
the soul
of man
~Orson Swett Marden~


Lynda said...

This must have been a beautiful walk, Deb! The ice made everything sparkle! Hope you escaped any damage. xo

Julie Marie said...

Your pictures are so pretty Deb... it does look icy!... how sweet you carry birdseed with you as you walk... I must start doing that... it is icy here too... I fell on our ice yesterday when I was out with Tessy... we have a neighbor who lets his dog run loose which really upsets me anyway as I worry so about it getting run over... yesterday, the dog came over to Tessy and jumped up on her and bit her bottom lip... it scared her so, and me too, and in trying to get her back inside I fell... she was bleeding quite a bit, and I cleaned her all up and called out vet... he said to just watch her for infection and I put neosporin on her... I cried all day for my baby!... Tessy sends doggie kisses to Archer... and says be careful on that ice!... we are so looking forward to Spring, although I know it is a ways away... love seeing the little nest again on your walk!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

Mereknits said...

I bet Archer felt so free to run around outside with you and his buddies. Your pictures look like a Winter wonderland, very beautiful.
Hugs to you Deb,

Blondie's Journal said...

Deb...these really are magical pictures. The ice just shimmers. And it looks VERY cold!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


Jeanne said...

So very lovely is all you share.
Blessings and have a soulful Sunday
Love Jeanne

Deb said...

hi Lynda ~ the sun on the ice really was beautiful, but it was sad to see so much damage. We were lucky that only a few branches fell in our garden & we were without power for only a day.

Deb said...

hi Julie marie - I hope Tessy is o.k. I have had this happen with both Ben & Ernie (actually, from the same dog)!! ... very scary.
the little nest ... I must be drawn to it :-)
hugs to you & Tessy
(will send e-mail soon)

Deb said...

hi Meredith - there are so few spots where you can let your dog go for a bit of a run which is sad. Archer lives for the weekend I am sure :-) xo

Deb said...

hi jane - it was warmer than it looks. the sun was shining all day which made for a really nice walk.
read your Christmas post - lovely! yes, we had a wonderful Christmas, thank you xo

Deb said...

thank you Jeanne ~ soulful Sunday ... love that ♥ wishing you the same xo

June said...

Looking at your photos makes me almost want to go and put a sweater on while I read :))) The icy photos are gorgeous but I also know that these storms can certainly complicate your life there. I hope you have been safe as these storms have moved through my friend.
I love the photo of the snowy little nest in all the icy branches. I also loved the last two posts that I have missed here as well and reading about your Christmas. I love seeing Archer having the time of his life.
Have a wonderful New Year Deb!!!
hugs from here...

Inger Marie said...

Happy new year!
Greeting from Norway:))

Deb said...

hello June ~ thank you ~ Wishing you a wonderful New Year too xo

Deb said...

Happy New Year Inger Marie xo