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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The great mystery . . .

"Everyone knows what art is, except the artist.

The artist, apparently, does not have to seek the ultimate ends of art

so much as the means to continue working.

Each time he paints, he must find confidence in himself,

believe in his instinct, without knowing how it will turn out"

~Philip Guston~ 

"There are four things in
this life that will change you.
The first three will keep you wild
and full of passion.
May you allow the last
to make you brave"
~Erin Van Vuren~ 

A big canvas, well loved and used brushes, and jars of February's Full Moon infused water.
"The heart knows the way.

Sometimes it takes you to a certain place

other than the one you had planned,

and there you receive a signal,

you get a chance to experience

synchronicity and so you learn to trust

the guidance of the great mystery"

~Sri Prem Baba~ 
Blessed to live & paint near the shores of  beautiful Lake Ontario 
As above , so below 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love the quotes and pictures. Beautiful.

Deb said...

Good Morning Lisa ~ thank you so much!