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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

World Elephant Day ...

August 12* 2020
Happy World Elephant Day

"Elephants love reunions.
They recognize one another after years and years of separation
and greet each other with boisterous joy.
There's bellowing and trumpeting,
ear flapping and rubbing. 
Trunks entwine"
~Jennifer Richard Jacobson~
Small as an Elephant

What a wonderful quote and so fitting for the times we find ourselves living in. Missing so many people and longing for those reunions of boisterous joy!!

Happy World Elephant Day 
What isn't there to love and celebrate about an elephant!
I heard about a documentary film called Akashinga : The Brave Ones on the news this morning.
It is about a group of women rangers who have been specially trained to protect elephants, which are  an endangered species from poachers.
 Later, I watched the trailer for the documentary which looks amazing.
Huge love and respect for this group of women who  as one said "they are like my children"!! 

"I pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat"

"Only elephants
should own ivory'
~Yao Ming~ 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

As I am reading this another day, Aug 13, which is International Left handed Day. Happy day any way.

Deb said...

hi Lisa ~ are you left handed? :-) If so, happy day!
have a great weekend.