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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring {time}...

Walking gently ...
 lovely clusters of crocus are popping up underfoot ...

 Received my issue of Green Craft Magazine this morning.
Love this magazine & seeing all the creative, re purposed ideas & the the beautiful way in which the magazine encourages & values   items normally discarded.
I have 2 of my "trash to treasure" creations in this issue.
Being sticklers for recycling, if there isn't a spot to toss out recyclables, they come home with us.  I got thinking about the plastic  cone toppers that came with some ice cream we purchased while on vacation knowing they could be turned into "something" :-)
I love anything that has a dome to it, as the height gives you room to fill it with tiny little treasures, which is what I started to do. A small watch face with chain, a  few snippets of lace, and the words "always find time" cut out from discontinued book page were just enough items to fill this tiny vessel.
  I cut a small circular disk, a bit larger than the lid from discontinued anaglypta wallpaper using decorative scissors as a backing.
Once finished, I put it to one side atop of some papers I had sitting on my desk ~ aha ~ a paperweight!
I'll show you the other project later in the week.

Take care of the minutes
and the hours
will take care
of themselves
~Lord Chesterfield~


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ihave not seen this magazine before. Congrats for being published again. Wow. Love that little domed piece.

Deb said...

Thanks Lisa ♥