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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

"What happened to Spring"?
I love Sparrows ... they may seem like ordinary little birds to many people, but they hold a special spot in my heart ♥
Each morning when I open up the curtains it doesn't take long for them to arrive at the feeders keeping me company as I enjoy my tea.
These two happy fellows seemed to be having a conversation yesterday amid our 'surprise' snow storm. I imagine they were saying the same thing as we were "What happened to Spring"? :-)
There is no such thing
as a worthless conversation,
provided you know what to listen for.
And questions
are the breath of life
for a conversation.
~James Nathan Miller~


Monica said...

Ooohhh Deb! Hope it melts soon :((
Monica x

Suzanne said...

Indeed, that would be my guess at their conversation:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb
Thanks so much for stopping by. I have a little time this evening to do some visiting. I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. Your photos are amazing. I loved seeing Ernie. He is a handsome guy!:-) I can see how cuddly he is.

Happy Weekend!