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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring ~ter? ...

This is what we saw when we opened the curtains this morning ...
A little bit of Winter decided to return :-)
Spring ~ ter is how the weather man has been referring it as!
-11 with a mixture of snow/sleet
Thankfully, the feeders in our garden had just been re-filled

so the Sparrows and anyone else who stopped by had lots to eat.
The reason there is so much seed on the ground is because the squirrels stopped by first :-)
Ernie LOVES the snow ... so no complaints from him.
The snow blower is back out.
It has been a steady snow fall since we woke and we are to expect a bit more tomorrow...
And a look out into the garden tells me the feeders will definitely need to be refilled :-)
To be interested in the changing seasons
is a happier state of mind
than to be hopelessly in love
with Spring
~George Santayana~


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We too have been shoved back into winter. Winter just doesn't want to give up this year. Luckily no snow...yet. I say luckily only because I have transplanted some things already. I know it is early but heck it was 70F several days this past week. I couldn't help myself. Happy Spring-ter

Ms. ~K said...

Wish I could send you some of our warm, southern weather!
Ernie looks good in white! :)