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Friday, December 17, 2010

Each day ...

Grant me the ability
to be alone
May it be my custom
to go outdoors
each day
among the trees and grasses
among all growing things
And there
may I be alone
and enter into prayer
to talk with
the one
that I belong to
~Rabbi Nachman~


Julie Marie said...

Oh Deb, I love that beautiful photo, and the quote... I so understand that... as outdoors among Nature is where I feel closest of all to God... xoxo Julie Marie

Susie Q said...

What a beautiful image and quote...
I wa sthinking about Ben this week...I don;t know if you saw but we lost our Kipper 3 weeks ago. So sudden, such a shock. I am still grieving his loss so but I like to think he has met with Ben and they have become good friends.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a beautiful prayer. I was just wishing I had some time alone. This time of year it is difficult to get outside what with having to bundle up so and then it has been treacherous here with a layer of ice. It makes for a squirrely dog and an even more squirrely Momma. ha... Love this peaceful scene too. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

so beautiful and love the texturing...

Shelley said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of my favorite Thoreau quote.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful I love all you share
I love you
Merry christmas my friend
Love Jeanne

June said...


I loved your thankful Thursday post so much Deb. I love the skates tied to the sleigh and the momories tied to all of it! The pictures are beautiful. I also loved the fact, that will you were purging the hope chest you got caught up in reading all your cards...and that's why I never get very far.lol!
Have a wonderful Christmas Deb...