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Friday, June 7, 2024

June gardening . . .

Warm weather combined with plenty of rainy days has made the garden fill in and pop overnight!
We are looking at spots to put plants that need dividing this year. The Hosta could do with a good thinning out.   
Lots of lovely Peony blossoms are still
appearing daily.
Along with the ants, they are attracting lots of equally lovely visitors . . . 
Maeve * yellow * pink * green * red * blue * 

Window boxes are filled to the brim with the "usual" tried and true 
coleus * marigolds * potato vine * geraniums * viola * 

Morning glory vine is beginning to climb up the arbors.
Subtle signs of Cosmos ... oh so delicate looking for such a hearty flower.

This little bird bath is a favourite of the Doves.
We have two dove nests this year - both successful with two babies in each nest.
They have both nested in spots where we can see what's happening without disturbing them.
This morning it was cool, windy and rainy and as I checked to see how one nest was doing, I spotted Dove tucking the babies under her wing ~ it was one of those moments that you are so grateful not to have missed!
Nature never ceases to inspire and amaze me.
I'm sure the parents are babies that were born in our garden . . .  they are very comfortable with us walking about which is unusual for the normally skittish temperament of Doves. 
Along with the Doves nests, we also have a nest of Sparrows, and two very inquisitive black capped chickadees checking out one of our nesting boxes . . .  hoping they will decide on staying!
And the bunnies . . .  well . . .  they are working their way through the garden at a rapid rate and enjoying the plants ;-) ... but oh my, the cuteness!!! 
My biggest thrill.....
the lavender that we planted last year made it through the Winter and is looking and smelling amazing!!

"My only desire
is an ultimate infusion with Nature,
and the only fate I wish
is to have worked and lived
in harmony with her laws"
-Claude Monet- 

~have a wonderful weekend ~
deb xo 

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