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Monday, October 17, 2022

Our Autumn home . . .

snapped a few pictures as I walked around the garden . . . 
dressed in the beautiful colours of Autumn that I adore! 
all the rusts * browns * golds * burgundy * yellows * creams * and greens
where even the mailbox is decorated ;-D 
my friend sent me this sweet flag from Utah 
knowing my love of crows * scarecrows and pumpkins 
It is the first thing I put out in the garden as I begin decorating for the season and Halloween . . . 
a little door hanger I needle punched a few years ago
just waiting to be carved on Halloween
a sweet little find in the mums . . .  
 the arbours are covered in vines that have turned such gorgeous shades . . .  this one is over our pond
a fallen leaf in one of our many bird baths 
and of course . . .  a heart! xo
scarecrows stand guard in the front and back gardens . . .
we've had them all for years, since our children were little, lots of sentimentality attached to each,
so even though they seem to look a bit worse for wear each year, we could never part with them.
One will need some new straw hair and new pants as the old ones are threadbare (working on that today)

paper lanterns tucked into one of our larger scarecrows pockets
lots of whimsy :-) 
and garden signs
a harvest welcome

 "To those who have not yet learned the secret of true happiness,
begin now
to study the little things
in your own dooryard"
-George Washington Carver-

~have a wonderful week~
d xo

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