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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Snippets . . .

I see the daily August changes in the garden . . . especially after the hot and humid temperatures we've had these past few weeks. Dried seed pods just waiting to be gathered . . .  next years garden treasures.
We've been thrilled to see lots of bees buzzing around, going from flower to flower, but only a few Monarchs. Spotting both has us screeching with joy. . .  we know we are doing something right in our garden.  I recently spotted a sign that said "Don't mind the weeds, they are for the butterflies & the bees" and I love (and share) that sentiment! 

Picked a few blooms to bring inside . . .  the ones that were bent or nearly spent :-) and put them into a little jam jar that fits nicely in this little hand made pot I found a few months ago at the Dundas Valley School of Art Auction. 

It's the little things . . . 
One little Sparrow joined me yesterday as I sat early in the morning by our pond.  A little meditation space we've carved out in the corner of our garden. The Cosmos are one of my favourite flowers and Sparrows . . .  well, need I say more . . .  my favourite bird.  Both beauties were painted into my nature journal alongside a quote by Rupi Kaur that I love.

 The temperature today is a comfortable 22 degrees C and perfect for the nice long walk these past few days have made it impossible to have.  
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
d xo 

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