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Monday, January 24, 2022

Connection . . .

At the end of the season, I always like to take cuttings from my plants .
All they need is a little water in jam jars & a sunny window  where they will sit happily and grow nice strong roots.
I  repot a few to bring indoors to over-winter and treat as indoor plants. One of my favourites to do this with are geraniums. Red geraniums are a favourite in our garden (and a wonderful Hummingbird magnet). This one is especially happy indoors, sitting in a sunny window!

"At the root, making art
is about connection.
Connection with yourself,
connection with others,
connection with the earth,
connection with the cosmos,
connection with flow state,
connection with life force,
and connection
with what it feels like to be
fully alive and free
in your own skin, and heart.
This is how 
we are meant to feel
and how we thrive.
Keep creating in the face of everything.
Just keep creating"
-Victoria Erickson-

I've been painting more with palette knives than brushes this month . . .  I absolutely love them and find myself reaching for them first as of late!

The horse and nest were done quickly using up left over paint after a painting afternoon.

I need not look very far for painting inspiration.

Sparrows at the feeders and beautiful birthday flowers on my kitchen table make for the loveliest models.  I was talking to my son and daughter and we all agreed that we were looking forward to Spring.  Not one of my "favourite" seasons normally ... I love Winter and Autumn and savour every moment of the cooler seasons  , but Spring brings with it the opportunity for us all to be together for "family picnics" something we found was a wonderful way of all being together "safely" through Covid.  A nest holds so many sacred emotions - home * birth * renewal* creativity * faith* LIFE
Still deciding whether I will mat and frame this painting or mount on a cradled wood panel and varnish.

 And a little whimsy because this made me smile . . .

I "find" hearts *everywhere* but this was a very sweet find as I sprinkled out a few Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips!  I shared the love :-) 

Happy Monday

d xo


Sandi said...

"All they need is a little water in jam jars & a sunny window where they will sit happily and grow nice strong roots."

Something so profound in this.

Deb said...

hi Sandi ~ it's really amazing isn't it! Nature teaches us so much. Thank you for stopping by for a visit ~ hope you are having a wonderful day.