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Friday, November 19, 2021

Arts Burlington Holiday Sale . . .

The countdown has begun.

Starting tomorrow, the much anticipated Arts Burlington Holiday Sale goes live.

November 20-December 31 2021 -  arts burlington . ca 

Over 60 artists will be offering everything from the six Guilds

Burlington Fine Arts Association * Burlington Carvers & Sculptors Guild * Burlington Potters' Guild*

Burlington Hooking Craft Guild * Latow Photography Guild 

 photography * pottery* carving * weaving * rug hooking* and art.

I have original art pieces priced from $50.00 - $350.

Everything from framed pieces of art to mid sized canvas. Gift ideas for everyone on your holiday list.

I will be offering Porch pickup from my home studio (Covid safety protocols followed) and/or delivery options which we can discuss ;-) 

Looking forward to a wonderful Holiday show!!

As an intuitive artist, I love working with and exploring a variety of mediums.

The seasons, water, trees, nature, folklore and the mystery and wonder of it all strongly influence my work.

I live in a beautiful corner of the world where I can be by water and woods and I gather so much inspiration and serenity from both. There is so much beauty, magic and positive energy to be found sitting quietly, listening to the inner wisdom and teachings of the Earth.

In deepest gratitude, I paint xo



Sandi said...

I am very faraway, so I can't go, but I hope you bless a lot of people with your work.

P.S. We have the exact same hair right now. I even have my ponytail slung forward like that. Weird to say, I know, but I felt a bit of kinship. 😂

Deb said...

hi Sandi ~ Oh your lovely comment just made my day!!
thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a note ... I really appreciate your visit.
Thank you for the well wishes on the Holiday Sale - I wish you were closer too ... I'd put the kettle on (I always have something baked).
And I love the "kinship hair" - I haven't seen a hairdresser since Covid hit so it pretty much does what it wants and I'm fine with that especially if it brings kindred spirits together xo