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Friday, November 12, 2021

A circle of stories . . .

I was walking around the garden gathering up twigs , snipping off  dried flower heads and returning the  seeds back to the earth.

The beautiful gold leaves of our Maple tree were dancing and twirling all around me on this windy Friday. Our lawn is a carpet of gold.

As I walked around our property, my pockets filled with found treasures (including a tiny cardinal feather), I began to weave long pieces of vine from our honeysuckle into a circle. Lovely and soft and palpable, I soon had a tiny little wreath in my hand. The holidays are on my mind and I have a few ideas for these little mini wreaths :-) They will tell "a circle of stories"

We are all circles

within circles

with no beginning

and never ending 

"Follow your own circle

see where it takes you"

-Adrienne Posey-
A circle of stories sits on my art table
Filled with circles within circles, this mixed media piece combines  an eclectic mixture of needle punch, acrylic paint, and a quirky little weaving of twigs, birch bark, and feathers.  I felt a bit like a little bird as I created this piece and tucking lots of little found objects inside the nest. 

I'm still trying to decide how to finish this piece.  Some ideas I have are to stretch the fabric over wood, 

 frame it in a rustic frame of barn board or weave the edges into a grapevine wreath. 

"Life is a full circle
until it joins
the circle motions
of the infinite"
-Anais Nin-

A circle of stories ... maybe that's why I love painting nests so much xo

~happy Friday~
xo d



Sandi said...

Beautiful paintings!

Deb said...

Good Morning Sandi ~ thank you so much!