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Sunday, May 16, 2021

When the Dove's away . . .

Had a little peek outside my studio window and was so surprised to see the nest empty.

After two days of watching the Doves building their nest, Mama Dove sitting on it, re-arranging the twigs that Papa Dove brought, it was a shock to see it left unattended.  I looked in the back garden expecting to see them below the feeders eating, but they weren't there either.
When the Dove's away . . . 

Each time I passed by the window, I had a peek hoping to see her. 

Once there were two black birds having a nose around with their beaks, and then they flew away. The next time I looked, Mr. Squirrel was sitting in it eating a walnut!

Thankfully, he stepped out of it , finished the walnut and left without damaging the nest.

 Back where she belongs. Safe and sound. Papa Dove is on the roof cooing away. All is well!
~happy Sunday~


Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures we have also one dove in the garden,

Deb said...

hi Catherine, how exciting! I've been loving watching them and was able to spot one white egg yesterday as she rearranged herself in the nest.... such joy.