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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Morning moments in May ...

As early as 5 am, I hear the birds singing ... one of the lovely signs of Spring.

And as the sun rises the birds appear in the garden eager for their breakfast. At the moment we have lots of "bird couple" regulars . . .  cardinals, doves, thrush, jays, woodpeckers, red winged blackbirds, starlings and sparrows. Every once in a while a" new " bird will appear and I reach for the IPad to quickly google . . . 
Quiet morning moments . . . tea, meditation, journaling, yoga
Candlelight is the only light

"You can be both soft and intense.

Both traditional and rebellious.

Both vulnerable and strong.

Both romantic and realistic.

Both feminine and oceanic,

yet filled with slow* burning*fire.

There is possibility inside of paradox.

There's a universe of different perceptions"

~Victoria Erickson~ 
tree hugging
how absolutely gorgeous is this tree!
It reminds me of a family reunion, all intertwined, arms outstretched. . .  how I long for when we will all be able to do this again ( we may never let go) ;-) 
"You are not separate from nature. 

We are all part of the One life

 that manifests itself

 in countless forms

 throughout the Universe,

 forms that are completely interconnected.

When you recognize the sacredness,

 the beauty, the incredible stillness and dignity

 in which a flower or a tree exists, 

you add something to the flower or the tree.

Through your recognition,

 your awareness,

 nature too comes to know itself.

 It comes to know

 it's own beauty and sacredness

 through you"

~Eckhart Tolle~ 

 "Simply be who you are,

do what you do best,

be where you are called by joy,

and let life work its magic

on your behalf"

~Alan Cohen~

~happy Wednesday~

d x


Unknown said...

Beautiful and I love all you share.

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ thank you so much for your visit and kind words. I appreciate both! Hope you are having a wonderful day friend.