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Monday, March 23, 2020

Hold on to love & {a gift from me to you} ...

I've been spending time sitting at my kitchen window seat with a cup of tea looking over my garden.
Yesterday, after sweeping the porch and puttering,   Archer and I walked around the backyard looking for "signs of spring". Spotting a patch of snowdrops next to the pond made me smile.

I refilled all the bird feeders. Lately we've had tons of common crackles and red winged blackbirds. The blackbirds song is easily recognizable.  One particularly large crow landed on my neighbours garage roof. I watched as he pulled with determination fallen material from the eaves. Chip our little garden chipmunk showed up looking lovely and plump, sweet Sparrows and as always, lots of squirrels. A few blue jays, the doves and Cardinal couple added some pretty colour. 

This morning the day began with snow falling. Then it turned to rain. When it stops I'm going to put my Macro lens on the Nikon and go out into the garden and take some photos. I haven't used my "big camera" for a while usually depending on my phone or iPad and my Macro lens even longer! There is something so amazing that happens when you see things through a Macro lens and the beauty of the world is something that can bring you to tears (it has me... often). A tiny little droplet hanging on .. the delicate markings of a flower and its stem … vein in a leaf.

And in our tree … a hummingbird nest.

I had a sheet of music paper on my art table and without much thought, did a quick little sketch, wrote down these words and painted.
I have scanned it and uploaded it with the hopes that you can  print it at home on your own computer. 
Simply click on print
Right click "copy image"
Paste into a Word Document

A little gift from me to you xo

Hold on to love
with gentle hands
with no demands

Much like the birds 
little woven nest
it's  rough weather
 that puts it to the test

And when its strong
 and held together tight
it can survive any storm 
that comes its way outright

I only need to look to Nature
to feel rest assured
that when you hold on to love, much like the birds nest
life's storms, you will endure.
~deb dunn~ 

As we each spend this time in our own little nests,
 may you find health, peace and safety and above all love.


Unknown said...

Beautiful and keep well and healthy.
Thanks for all the beauty you share with us
Love Jeanne

Deb said...

hello dear Jeanne ~ thank you for your kind words always.
Wishing the same for you … stay well friend xo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sweet gesture. Thank you so much. Big hugs.

Deb said...

hello Lisa ~ you are so very welcome … it comes with a ((hug))