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Monday, November 4, 2019

Easing back into routine ...

I missed my boy terribly and my "Velcro dog" has been living up to his nick name,  glued to me since coming home from holidays .
 I often wonder just how many steps he walks in any given day as he is beside me all the time , even when I tell him "mummy will be right back" … he follows me :-D
Archer has never been one for catching balls or playing with toys, but, he did find this stick on one of our walks through the woods. Seeing him pick it up in his mouth, sit down on the grass with it between his paws and gnaw at it brought a huge smile to my face!
An even bigger smile appeared when, upon getting ready to return home, he carried it in his mouth the entire time.
He hasn't tired of Mr. Stick and as soon as we go into the garden picks it up and carries it around with him. He's even nudged me with it a few times and we've played a bit of "tug" which still surprises me.
Proof that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!
I just love seeing him so happy & enjoying his senior years.
I've been doing much the same :-D
Easing back into routine ...
rising early, tea, candles lit, morning meditation, yoga, 
woodland walk with Archer and journaling.
My Etsy shop has been taken off of holiday mode &  is up and running  ...
and before I start on another painting (so many ideas) I'm enjoying working on my art journal, adding quotes and Cape Cod thoughts.
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday in your corner of the world!


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, that Archer! I love him from afar and through all the years I've gotten to know him through your blog. It's very special that you are having wonderful golden years with him. My guy, Milo, was never much of a dog toy sort, he preferred people, as in me especially. Yes, velcro for sure. Near the end, when he was so unsteady and restless, I would sit with him at my feet, holding off going to the bathroom in a much needed time (!), just so he would continue to rest. I wish you as many years as possible with your beautiful boy.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

How sweet that Archer has found a stick he likes. My last two dogs have been rescues and neither played with toys. Annie my present dog doesn't play with toys despite having doggie friends that do. It makes her nervous when we play tug with a friends dog. She takes all so serious. She won't allow it. She doesn't want any dog to grrrr at her people even in play.
Your journal looks so nice. It is that time of year when even I do a little journaling. The journal that I am constant in is my garden journal.
Cheers and have a great week.

Deb said...

hi Jane ~ oh sweet Milo! Our blogs have certainly been a wonderful way to connect and make friends from afar xo I remember so many lovely Milo Moments, and you have been with me through love and loss of Ben and Ernie. There really is a very special connection when a dog reaches its senior years. A dog holding down your feet :-D I totally get it!
Have a wonderful weekend friend xo

Deb said...

hi Lisa ~ Annie sounds like a sweetheart!
Garden Journals are wonderful this time of year when you can reflect on hits and misses in the garden. I keep one too. A great spot for plant tags to go (because I know I'll forget the name if I don't keep the tag). I planted a vine this year in hanging baskets and fell in love with it. Torenia "purple moon" It bloomed constantly until the frost filling up and overflowing the baskets, which I love.
Wishing you and Annie a wonderful weekend xo