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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October hush ...

"all we have, it seems to me,
is the beauty of 
art and nature and life
and the love
which that beauty inspires"
~Edward Abbey~ 
It's one of those October days
where the wind is blowing, the leaves are dancing
it's misty and foggy and yet so very soothing and cozy...
You bundle up and head out to one of your favourite spots and walk … 
and although you've walked there many times, you spot something new and magical & smile
~ life is change … flow/grow with it~
embracing the seasons
into the wild 
similarities and yet each unique 
"promise me one thing
wild child,
never filter your soul
to suit a mould"
~Nikki Rowe~ 
a beautiful tangle
nature's weaving
"some are born to play it safe
others are born to live it wild"
~Nikki Rowe~
"life is a balance
of holding on
letting go"
Archer … let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods
and listen to the magic whispers
of old trees …


Country Gal said...

So true , no matter how many times I walk our valley with my Miggs there is always something new and beautiful about it . Lovely photos and post.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, listen to all the tales of summer past. A good time to be out and about.

Deb said...

hello Lisa ~ my favourite season for so many reasons... todays walk through the woods, pocket full of leaves and acorns, eating a crisp apple, all bundled up are just a few ;-D ~ hope you are having a wonderful Autumny Sunday

Deb said...

hi Elaine ~ such a beautiful valley you and Miggs have to walk … thank you for stopping by!