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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

autumn stories ...

my favourite season is showing in my paintings :-)
acorns and changing leaves are falling off my paintbrush as quickly as the trees
there have been surprises in our garden
where the bees are still enjoying the cosmos
and a hummingbird stopped by the other day!
garden bunnies are nibbling the rose of Sharon
 our maple tree is dropping leaves
 revealing the nests that have been built in her
on morning walks with Archer we have spotted both owls and coopers hawks
regal and magical filling me with inspiration
and of course...
enjoyed a get away to beautiful Old Montreal
to watch a hockey game
Sir Paul McCartney in concert!!!
forest walks
and the blessings of rainy days for quiet contemplation 
and before the garden is tucked in for the Winter, I've been taking coleus clippings 
which now sit in little jam jars on a sunny window
~my autumn stories~
"Everything is held together
with stories.
That is all that is holding us together.
Stories and compassion"
~Barry Lopez~


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sight you brought to my mind with 'acorns and leaves falling off' your paint brush. Getting to see Sir Paul would be dreamy, as good as seeing two owls. Have a great rest of the week.

Deb said...

hello Lisa ~ thank you so much! Seeing Sir Paul in concert was certainly a thrill … and Owl spotting , well, that is always magical.
Have a wonderful weekend!