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Friday, June 15, 2018

painted stones from sparrow studio

beach combing * mindful * serene, meditative walks along the lake * 
stones found washed up along the shore ~ warm from the sun * 
a few brought home and placed on my art table ~ seeing images in the shape ...
each one unique with it's own variation ...
*feathers* birds * nests and eggs *fawn * fox *
a little nest to hold precious eggs
or a resting fawn
I have ...
collected each stone along lake Ontario
hand painted with acrylic paints &  deep gratitude and joy
protected with a coat of clear matte acrylic varnish
signed on the back
Will be posted {tracked} in a lovely chipboard box and nest of shredded paper ... with a little 'something extra' surprise added ...
$25.00 and up depending on size and detail 
soothing to hold for meditation
place on your altar
nestled in a dish
to use as a paperweight on your desk 

lake walk treasures 
Coming soon to my Etsy shop ...
busy weekend ahead 
filled with family  gatherings 
& meeting up with a friend from England I haven't seen for 14 years!!
Have a wonderful weekend
d x


Sandi said...

These are just beautiful, Deb!

Do you ever find Petosky stones? We used to find them a lot when I was a kid, but that was in Lake Huron, not Lake Ontario.

Deb said...

hi Sandi ~ thank you so much!
I have found Petosky stones and have a big jar filled with {big surprise} ;-) stones of all shapes/sizes ...