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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

new moon energy

*It's breathwork time*

It's breathwork time
eyes closed to clear the space
to quiet the mind
and heart's pace

Woodland wanderer
here you are home
amongst the trees, wild hares, birds
and kindreds who feel the urge to roam

Breathing in the new
letting out the old
clearing all the mental clutter
and tension that you hold

Sit as long as you need
to nourish your soul
setting intentions
for new dreams to unfold
~deb dunn~

It's breathwork time
a new painting 
new moon
new energy
new beginnings
~ a new cycle~ 
filled with all the things I love
trees * feathered friend * hares * flowers * nest and eggs * woodland *hOMe

**New Moon Energy ~ representing the end of one cycle and beginning of another**

I believe everything holds Energy ... Painting for me is such pure joy and sitting with paper in front of me, my brushes, simple jar of water, (often moon charged), imagination and pure, gentle intent.

Love, positivity, gratitude, faith, serenity ... I place these intentions with each brush stroke.

Often, as  I am painting, the story unfolds ~ sometimes it is just a few lines, other times, a chapter, and then there are those times where I feel I could write a book to go with the image ~ once again ... Energy.
The words find themselves lightly penciled on the paper ...
a dance of words and paint xo

 ~new moon blessings~
d x 


Blondie's Journal said...

I love your poem...it could be a manta for me. I surely need those words!

Thanks always for your paintings. I'm sure it keeps you calm and thoughtful, and I wish I could find that sort of inner peace as well.

Much love,

Jane x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A lovely way to begin a new cycle.

Deb said...

hello Jane ~ thank you so much for your lovely words ~ they mean the world to me! xo

Deb said...

thank you so much Lisa ~ for your visit and kind words x