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Sunday, May 7, 2017

lilac days

It must have been all the rain we've had recently ...
our lilac has bloomed it seems
overnight :-D
found end of season while strolling through the garden center
sitting in the corner for under $2.00
she looked like she had sat there for a while poor thing
needing a good pruning and watering & a spot to put down roots.

that was 27 years ago and she has never disappointed
her branches hang over our kitchen window, and have created a lovely little archway as we step off our deck into the garden ...
there is always a bird (or two or more) resting on her thick sturdy branches,
the squirrels love to climb on one in particular and look into our kitchen :-D
and now, in bloom, our entire garden will be filled with the intoxicating aroma of her blooms.
I will clip some here and there to bring inside.

a tiny first of the season sprig xo
garden bliss
In my garden
there is a large place
for sentiment.
My garden of flowers
is also my garden
of thoughts
and dreams.
The thoughts grow
as freely as the flowers
and the dreams
are as beautiful.
~Abram L Urban~


sage and spirit said...

You've given your lilac a wonderful home and she rewards you with her beauty.

Deb said...

thanks Julie xo she really does - she's been through lots of harsh weather - snow and ice storms and heavy winds that broke branches and times we thought we'd lost her ... nature is a wonderful teacher ♥